Lately, I have heard a few people refer to the birth of Jesus as the mystery of the incarnation. As a student of the Bible, this is an intriguing statement. If we use the definition commonly known as being difficult to understand, there may be great mystique, but there is very little mystery. The Bible clearly reveals that God became man. But, the more I reflected on this statement on a deeper level, the more it I discovered its truth. It really is mysterious.

It is beyond strange that God would even desire to become flesh. Even more unfathomable, God chose a young, probably poor, Jewish girl who seemed to have no other special designation in life. She was not a dignitary. She had no political prestige or privilege. We are told nothing of her lineage or family’s wealth. She was just a common girl who found grace in the sight of the Almighty God. This was not a role she had been prepared by her mother and father for all of her life. Unlike Moses or Daniel, she wasn’t given the opportunity to be given an education by the nobility. Indeed, it is mysterious that the King of Glory would select such an unworthy vessel to bring the Savior into the World.

Have you ever thought about just how low He stooped? The Psalmist says that He has to humble Himself just to look down on the heavens. And, in another place, we are told that the Earth is His footstool. With just the tip of His finger, He could measure out the 10,000 light years that are the span of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Earth would be less than a spec of dust from His view. Yet, this great, magnificent God that created all that the eye can and cannot see, willingly humbled Himself to be laid in a donkey’s feeding trough. He became dirty. He hungered. He slept, and He wept. The very God of the universe. Oh, what a mystery, the mystery of the incarnation of Jesus. God becoming a lowly man to live in this cruel world and to die an even crueler death on a bloody Cross. What a million wonders!

Please, do not let this fall on deaf ears or blind eyes. Think deeply the next time you think of the birth of Jesus. Bathe your mind in the awe-inspiring wonder that He would ever do such a thing for you and I. Perhaps, as you think or talk, restate Christ’ birth to yourself and those in your company as The Mystery of the Incarnation of Jesus.

Source by Chris L Dickert


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