In 132 CE, Simon Bar Kosiba organized and led a large guerrilla army in revolted against Roman occupation. He succeeded in actually throwing the Romans out of Jerusalem and Israel and establishing, although for only a brief period, an independent Jewish state.

Jewish accounts describe Simon Bar Kosiba as being a man of superior intelligence who possessed tremendous leadership abilities and incredible physical strength. His success caused many to believe that he came from the line of David. He was nicknamed "Bar Kochba" or "Son of Star," an allusion to the Book of Numbers (24:17). In fact, he was actually proclaimed the long awaited Messiah of Israel by the Sanhedrin. Strangely, very few people know of him or have even heard of him today.

But there is another Jewish son we have heard of. He was born poor and, like Kosiba, was also of the family of David. He, however, fought no battles, was not known for His strength, and essentially disregarded the politics of his times. He never attended college, starred in any movies, or won any awards. Yet, His personality has somehow been fused into the very soul and consciousness of humanity. More books have been written about Him, more changes have replied because of Him, more conversation and controversies has taken place because of Him than any other figure in human history. In His name, the apostles conquered the world. For His sake, martyrs sacrificed their lives. He is like a portent moving through two thousand years of history touching lives. Jesus Christ, King of the Jews!

The Teacher

He was an exceptional teacher,

Had received the highest degree.

From the College of Life Experience

He earned his Ph.D.

He taught what it meant to live

A life of self-sacrifice.

He was totally devoted to others,

Although He paid an exorbitant price.

He was one solitary life who

From a grace procured from above,

Sacrificed so much of Himself

Motivated by nothing but love.

He was wholly and solely committed,

Honor bond to set men free.

So He died on Calvary's cross that day,

To redeem all humanity.

Yes, He was indeed "The Teacher,"

And "The Teacher" He will forever be;

For none who lives or has died

Can compare to such as He.

Source by Saundra L. Washington


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