Scripture: For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways Psalms 91:11

My position as a Director of Nursing in a long term care facility sometimes required long hours. On this particular day in January of 2001, I was running later than usual on my commute to work. The day before, I had worked 16 hours and I almost took the day off because I was so late getting home the night before. But I really needed to attend an important meeting at 10 am.

I had sold my 1997 Mustang in order to get a bigger car with a smoother ride. I borrowed a car from my Daddy until I could get another one. So, I was driving what I lovingly referred to as, "the land barge", a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis, built like a tank. As I was driving to work, a day just like any other day, I stopped at a red light at a busy intersection. I remember thinking that I should pull up to the driver next to me and tell him that his hubcap was about to fall off. The next thing I remember is hearing a loud noise and looking to the left. I saw a huge truck on its side sliding toward me at a phenomenal rate of speed. Sparks flying I knew that it was going to hit me and it did. I only had time to say, "Lord, that is going to hit me!". I grabbed the steering wheel as tight as I could. It happened so fast.

I never lost consciousness. I do not remember feeling the actual impact. Jesus and His mighty angels got to me before the truck did. I do not recall being knocked 275 feet into a gas station parking lot. I do not remember being airborne. I do remember something else though. I remember an incredible feeling of awesome peace and love like I have never experienced before. I had a glimpse of heaven. The hedge of protection came between me and that huge truck. My car was crumpled into a heap of metal and I was trapped inside. But inside the car were angels. I saw them and I felt them. They were there immediately, and I remember saying to them to go ahead and take me if it was time. I had no fear of going with them. I wanted to go with them. Nothing else mattered. I did not hear any audible voices but I knew somehow that I was not going to die, not yet. Somehow they told me that. Jesus was there. He did not speak but I felt his arms around me. Even after the paramedics got me into the ambulance, the angels were still with me, I knew they were there and that was all that mattered. Their presence was overwhelming.

At the hospital I could hear all the nurses and doctors talking and scrambling while they worked with me. I knew that I was critical and that I was losing blood. I could feel myself slipping away. I knew that the angels were there just in case. By the time I was evaluated in the emergency room the pain was almost unbearable. Again, I saw the light of the angels, small tiny brilliant lights circling around above me. Even through the pain I smoked and felt comforted by their presence. I spoke to them, this time asking for them to take me because the pain was so intense. The things of this earth were "strangely dim". The next thing I remember is seeing my husband and my parents. Then I started to cry. Doctors were rushing me to surgery. A surgical nurse leaned down and called my name, "Angela, in a minute you will be sleep and you are going to be fine." Then she started praying for me so quietly and sweetly in my ear as the anesthesia took effect.

I woke up in the ICU and recovery began. The first thing I told my mother was about the angels. I continue to improve everyday and I have come a long way in healing since that day. My life will never be the same. I strive to never forget the feeling I had that day. I almost left this world, and in the process I was given a great gift from God. He provided to me the blessed assurance of His presence and His awesome power and love. I never want to forget this small glimpse of heaven. I felt the incredible love of God present with me in "the land barge".

Lord Jesus. Thank You for Your awesome love and protection. Thank You Jesus for the angels that watch over us. Bring to our remembrance Your Words as You tell us "Fear not, for I am with you." In Your Holy name I pray. Amen

Source by Angela Posey-Arnold


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