You are in a place where you can make a difference in someone else life today. When you have been given the duty by God to lead people you are raising the stakes higher to doing His will on earth. God only wants the best from you and when you are in charge of others, that means you are working for the almighty God in the tasks he will need you to perform. First you must get your head out of the clouds about the position you are in. Yes, you have earned it, but you were also placed there by God and He wills it for you. When you abuse people long enough, he takes it away, but if you are a person of God you know that kindness and fairness are part of the position.

How can I be a leader for God?

When you are put in this position, you must ask God in prayer to direct you. He will bring to light things that you thought were not possible and sometimes things you thought you could never do. We are born leaders, God wants us all to follow Him and be the people that will bring good things to others in spiritual need as well. When you are leading, you are directing and pleasing Him above, only you know how to listen and do the things that you know are the right decisions to make for others. The lack of good leadership is the self correcte attitude of people that judge others and their work instead of directing and learning to accept people and their faults. Be creative in the ways that you can develop and lead. This will please God and help you connect with the people better. We all need direction but if you are leading correctly by Gods word, you will be doing the right thing by all. If you want proof look at all the prophecies of the Old Testament. They listened and did Gods will while attempting to lead for God. As Bible history would attest, many born leaders will not God favor in doing His will for His people.

Source by Nancy Sabato


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