I believe the most important thing in this world is love. You must love one another, which means that you must be able to forgive. When you live your life holding grudges, it just brings a lot of bad karma to your life and a lot of unhappiness.

I believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. But I do not believe in only one religion. I believe in many parts of different religions and think you should respect what other people hold to be their truths. Just because they're not your beliefs does not mean they're not true.

There is reincarnation and if we choose to come back, we can learn lessons faster on Earth. We learn the same lessons in Heaven, but it takes longer, as we do not actually live and experience them and go through the pain of physical learning. We also keep coming back until we get it right. If we do choose to stay in Heaven, we never stop learning. There are guides that help us in the after life also. They will help us if we feel lost and not worth of Heaven; they will help us find ourselves – but we must do it at our own pace and learn to forgive ourselves. The guides are there to help us along; also, to give us support and love.

I believe we'll get to find out all the secrets of the universe, as well as who we use to be. There is a library of texts in heaven which holds what is called the akashic records, it contains all past lives and knowledge.

We have guides while we are still on Earth. When we go to sleep we travel to different planes and learn lessons that we need to help us through life.

We have guardian angels watching us from the day we are born and they help us through out our lives. Family that has passed over is able to keep their eyes on us whenever they like. They sense when we are in trouble, or need them. That is when we feel an unexpected warm feeling, or someone looking at us, when no one is there. It is our family at our side helping us get through the hard times in life.

You will be judged. But you will be the judge of yourself; as there is no one harder on you than yourself. I also believe that we will end up going wherever we believe we are going. It will look what we believe it will look like.

I believe in many different things– but love is at the root of it all. Without love there is nothing. With love there is everything and all things are possible.

Source by Tracey Wilson


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