Once upon an eternal time, there was a Creator, Who could make or create anything He wanted to. This Creator was always in existence, which we humans can not understand and never will.

This Creator was both, lonely for companionship and bored, doing nothing, but existing. Since He had all this space to play around with, He decided that He would get busy and create a whole bunch of "big round things" and make them "float" in space. So, He got busy and started doing just that.

He figured that since He was making all of these "big round things", He really should name them. So, he named some of them planets, some of them suns, some of them stars, etc. Since He had all these planets He decreed that he would put interesting things on them.

He decided to put vegetation on them first. He made trees, grasses, flowers, bushhes, etc. After He had done this, the vegetation grew so rapidly, that He needed to find something to keep this vegetation from growing out of hand. So, He decided to create animals, to eat this vegetation and keep it under control. And since there was so much vegetation growing on these planets, He decreed to create a whole bunch of very large animals.

After awhile, the animals were multiplying so rapidly, that He decided to create something to keep down the growth of so many animals. So, He created animals, that would "kill and eat" other animals. Pretty soon the "animal eating animals" got so plentiful, He decided to create humans, to kill the animals, that were killing the other animals. Also, in order for these humans to live, they, many times, would have to kill these animals and eat them, just to survive.

When humans were first created, they did not know about the Creator or even believe in a "life after death". So, for a long period of time, humans, when they died, most of them would just "go out of existence" because they did not know about the Creator or that there was an "after life".

The Creator felt SORRY about this, because He wanted all of these humans to live after death, and live on the spiritual planets, that humans can not see, that He had also created. Since some of these humans had survived the grave and had become spirits, He told them to inspire humans on earth to make stone gods and wooden gods and have humans bow down to them, so that they would have a "life after death".

This was completed. When these humans, bowed down to the stone and wooden statues, the angels, (that humans could "not" see … but could hear) would stand by the statues, and answer the questions, asked by the humans, and the humans believed it was God who did the talking. This worked pretty good because most of them, here and there, upon death, would be alive (be spirits) after death. This practice increased the faith of humans in a God so much, that more and more humans could then have eternal life.

As soon as these humans accepted the belief in a God and life after death, then this belief actually change and spiritualized their reproductive eggs and sperm, which strengthened the possibility of life after death. This way, when an infant or child died, it's chances of life after death was vastly improved.

Now, as things moved along, more and more humans began to populate the earth. The Creator caused the spirits (also called angels) to inspire (influence) humans to come out of the forest and live in groups instead of by themselves.

Meanwhile, the spirits would go to schools, in the spirit world, and after a period of time, they would get smarter and smarter and develop spiritually. They would live on heavenly plateaus and spiritual worlds called etherean worlds. Sometimes these spirits, after many centuries of years, would develop into Lords and Gods and would be working directly under the Creator.

But, on every single planet or world, that the Creator made, there were, sooner or later, Lords who have been serving Him, that would rebel and turn against Him, and try to take over control of the world, where they have been trying to lift up and educate the humans "on that world".

These Lords, under the Creator, usually would get impatient with the Creator because they felt that He was too gentle on humans and these Lords wanted to declare war on all false gods on the face of the earth. Humans got to the point where they would fall down and worship just about anyone who would come along and claim to be this god or that god.

Also, the Creator, down through the development of each world, would send, what He calls Great Leaders Forth. These were very special men, who would teach humans about spiritual doctrines and teach them about the Creator.

When These Lords rebelled against the Creator, they pretended to be some Great Person that humans worshiped or respected, so that when humans died, their souls will "float" up to the god that they have worshiped while on earth. When these new born spirits, go to the heaven, of the god they have worshiped, that god would then enslave them and fully intended to never let them go anywhere else in the limitless expanse of the Creator's universe.

Wars beyond description, would start between these false gods, one against the other, one one trying to overthrow all the others, so that he, the victor, could be the total ruler, over all humans on earth. Sometimes, these false gods, would come to terms, with each other, and divide up the earth, and a "sort of peace" would come between.

Sooner or later, the slave spirits of these false gods, would that up their god was not perfect after all, and these spirits would rebel against these false gods and rush for them in a madness of hate and vengeance. Since these false gods have not told these slaves of the heads of other places they could go to, the only thing these "ignorant masses" can do is vent their anger against these false gods. The whole mass of spirits and their god, end up in what is called a KNOT OR HELL.

After this happens, a Chief God, who works for the Creator, must go with millions of high raised angels and deliver these spirits from these hells. They are all taken to a heavenly plateau and healed so that they can continue, on their way, to everlasting resurrection.

The false gods are then judged by the Creator and told that now they are responsible for the resurrection of all those people on earth that believed in them as long as the NAME they picked is worshiped by humans.

At this cycle of time, which is called KOSMON, man will eventually give up all wars for settling their differences. Man will ever give up the eating of the flesh of dead animals and also ever give up worshiping any other god but the Creator. Kosmon, the cycle we are now in, which started in 1848, will last for about 3,000 years.

Also, ever, man will give up living in cities and form colonies where only worshipers of the Creator will live. Governments will slowly and ever fade out on the earth and only colonies will be the norm. Man will be more and more concerned about spiritual things instead of earthly things and will give up even the breeding process and the race of man will slowly disappear off the earth.

When this happens, then this planet will have served it's purpose and some God, far in the future, will dissipate this planet and it will be seen no more.

Source by Donald Ballard


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