The god of the ancients was always the sun. It was worshiped, sacrificed to, and adored as the great Creator. Its presence brings life and causes death. Without it the world would cease to function. When things went bad it needed help to return order and balance. To give it strength men were sacrificed to help 'her'. She was considered the progenitor of all life.

This thinking could have been overturned as it was engrained in the psyche from birth and inherent in all societies. Anyone who dared to question it would be killed. Nothing should offend the sun and nothing was allowed that would.

Its worship had a name, Islam. It means 'eye of light Рpowerful mother'. My linguistic research took me to the first sounds of speech and to symbols of sun worship that they can now be understood. 'El' is' god 'and' a 'or' r 'is power, as in' ra 'and' ray. Doubling of terms added to their potency and 'élle' wave rise 'to the female name proving that the god was female. 'El-a' or 'god's power' gave rise to 'Allah', the god of Islam. 'M' and 'ma' are 'mother'.

Dependence on the sun sent men into war with each other to discover who was more favored. Such wars are still observed among tribal groups in places like Papua New Guinea. Participants fight to kill and then they retreat to hire their wounds until the next bout.

Big men arise from skirmishes when they defeat the enemies. This was the start of kingship and each leader had the right to speak for the Mother God as her favorite. This situation would only change if and when he was beaten. The wars got bigger and the tales got longer as laws were set in place to reserve the information. Old kings never 'died' but governed in heaven as mates to Mother God.

The variations in tales led to different branches of religions but they remained basically the same ilk. That is they are dedicated to the same chief God. In Babylon she was called 'Mari' (mother's powerful eye) by the inmates who were the Amors. They took her to the known world through raids and conquests through Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Asia. They entered Italy and built Roma, reverse Amor.

Here Constantine, an Amorite by birth, established his religion, the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD, and invented Jesus Christ as the son of Mary. As its chief God she is preferred to any other. In Revelation 13: 13-18 he is 666 and he keeps control over finance and trade.

Hiding their roots has brought a lot of cover up and the so-called mysteries that can not be resolved because there is no truth in them. The gods of religions are not real and the sun has no power over humans. The Spirit is God as noted in Isaiah 45: 4-8 and now is the judgment against those who choose otherwise.

Source by Norma Holt


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