Life is made of pockets of struggle, and though a great number of them are self-infected, they are the sculptors who give shape to our character.

God will certainly not ever, under any circumstances let us drift unguided and unaided into oblivion, His loving hand is ever-present in every instance of our struggle, always leading us, sometimes gently, other times forcefully into the time and space and shape and form He has planned us to be.

My wife and I were taken off guard yesterday by a gesture of love and kindness we had obviously forgotten, that is the flagship of what makes our church so rich in compassion. Their God-given desire to stretch their hand to those in need.

We can testify that over the past few months God has kept us in an uncomfortably short leach, which we've been riding with humility and patience and praise, not only because we realize that this is all part His working to make us worthy of better and greater blessings, but also because We are aware that He will not squeeze out of us more than we can give. In fact in the middle of our struggle, bread has never been absent from our table, and every bill and obligation that matter has been paid, but just for a small example, my car had been screaming for a change of oil for the past two months, and I had to risk ruining the engine, because we could not afford it, I did know that God would not allow the car to break down in the middle of our circumstance.

Yesterday, out of now, our dear Pastor Sam showed up at our door with an envelope with close to two hundred dollars' worth of gift cards and money from our congregation.

I am sure we did not give any evidence of our momentary precariousness, although without a doubt this was a great blessing and a timely gift, a gift which while sometimes not overwhelmingly rich, it brought tears to our eyes, because it reminded us what the call of the Gospel is, to love one another, to care for each other, and for the sick and the poor and the needy as we bring the message of the Cross to those who live in darkness, but most importantly, because this gift gave us a fresh insight into the fact that God is; in the mid of all situations, God is, when the sun shine bright and high, or when darkness lures around us, God is. When laughter overtake us, or when the pain is so bad that we despair to the point of death, God is.

And His ever-present hand is always at work, not only taking care of all our needs, but planning and shaping our future needs as well. And He delights in doing that, because like an expert and passionate sculptor, it brings Him joy to see his work of art take shape at every strike of the chisel.

In any case, the man or woman that we think we are and the one that God knows we are, are two different persons, and the closer we get to God, the closer those two persons will get to each other. And as you approach Him, through faithful devotion, with humility and surrender, and with a love which is polished by constant practice in the battlefield of life, His light will scatter away the bits and pieces of struggle which are caused by your own self- reliance and pride, leaving only behind those which will be necessary to bring about the complete and perfect man or woman, which you will be the day you stand in His presence.

Jose A. Luna

A Servant of Christ Jesus

Source by Jose Luna


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