Many are afraid to let go of their ego. They are afraid that if they do not have an ego, they will lose their identity.

But which identity is lost when the ego diminishes?

Only the false self we all learned to be while growing up because our authentic self was not acceptable to society.

When the ego steps aside, what comes through in its place is pure being. Although not just being per se, but our unique manifestation of it.

Being is the only reality there absolutely is.

Being, which is the presence that pervades the universe and is the very essence of our own existence, is the most powerful reality there is because it's the ground of all reality.

Have you ever realized that even your ego is comprised of pure being? Since nothing but the divine exists, the ego is grounded in the divine.

But the ego is a necessary temporary form of being, intended to accompany us only part way along our journey in life.

If you stop to think about it for a moment, how can there be something and God? That would mean something else has self-existence in addition to God. Whereas everything that exists is utterly dependent for its being upon itself itself, which is what we call God.

So the ego is not our enemy. But neither is it a form that we are supposed to cling to for the whole of our lifetime.

The Creator is pure being. As ego diminishes and we are ready to let our unique expression of the divine come through, we begin to participate in the act of creation. We become co-creators with God of our own life.

Not God as a separate entity "out there" somewhere, but that which is the essence of all existence and with which we are one.

The key to living a powerful, purposeful life is to allow ego to wane as life invites this, becoming increasingly an expression of the universal Presence from which everything has arisen.

As ego evaporates, instead of losing ourselves we become more ourselves than ever before-our authentic self instead of the false self demanded of us by the world around us.

Source by David Ord


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