Cross tattoos have become very popular in the recent times among both men and women. The design represents the same thing for both the genders because the cross symbol deals more with spiritual rather than physical.

People who get this tattoo done in their body remain tune with their spirituality. They very well know that they are more than just their physical bodies. Their faith and intuition factors act heavily when the solution to their problems are just beyond any kind of logic. Cross tattoos help these kinds of people be at peace. They rarely feel alone. These tattoos serve as a reminder to people that they are loved by God all time and by feeling this love the people remain compassionate, peaceful and loving to every human being. This tattoo art implies a special relation with God.

The cross designed tattoo has several meanings. The most obvious being the religious symbolism. Many people associate this design with Christian religion. Although Catholic or Christian symbolism is not the only basis for this design, it is an important one. Catholics and Christians have strong feelings about their religious convictions and thus find it a great way of expressing faith by placing them permanently on their body. It features the Latin cross, which is like a lower case letter T. There are even some Catholic tattoos that feature crucifix and this symbolizes Jesus crucified on cross.

The Celtic cross is one of the most popular types of cross tattoos. It is a combination of 2 different symbols-the circle and the Latin cross. The circle usually centers over the place where the lines in Latin cross intersect. The Celtic inspired designs combine mystical and religious symbolism from two different cultures. The Latin cross indicates the Christian idea of getting saved from denunciation. On the other hand the circle represents the ancient idea-the notion that death and life is eternal and cyclical. The other Celtic crosses have Celtic knots all over the design. These knots are basically never-ending and thus have similar symbolism as circle.

Many people are inking themselves with Maltese cross. This design is becoming a famous symbol of sacrifice and courage in today’s culture. You can find a lot of firefighters wearing these design tattoos as a sign of dedication towards their job. This cross is an 8 pointed cross with 4 equal lengths V-shaped projections. Each and every point represents a fact of valor such as honesty, loyalty, religious faith etc.

Gothic cross tattoos have also become popular in the recent times. A lot of people in the Gothic community get inked with this design. This body art has a German style and makes use of several traditional religious imagery elements. They generally combine the Celtic or Latin cross with rebellious objects like barbed wire or daggers.

So, there are different types of cross tattoo designs with different meanings. Now if you start thinking about which design would suit you the best, there is no answer for this. You can get inked with any kind of cross tattoo design. The only that would matter is that the design you choose should speak to you spiritually.

Source by John Dr Leana


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