Perhaps you have heard of the term Mormon? Maybe you have heard about Mormon missionaries, Mormons in Utah, or Mormons and Coca-Cola? Find out what you really bought to know about Mormons. Having been a Mormon for much of my life I feel a sense of responsibility in educating others on what a Mormon is or is not. I am an expert on the issue not because of the length of time of my membership, but rather in my study of its truthfulness.

1. Everybody should know first and foremost that Mormon's are not a cult any more than any other religion. By the very nature of the term "cult", Mormons have been branded to be odd or weird. If you look up the definition of cult, here are its meanings: a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies; and a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. Well I have never seen any religion that does not fit this definition. So the next time you hear someone say "Mormons are a Cult!" you'll know that so is any group of people who worship someone or something, whether it is God, Buddha, or Allah.

2. Mormon Missionaries are another topic of choice for many people because for most people it is the only interaction that they have with the Mormon faith. Here's a few things you should know about missionaries of the Mormon faith … They are given the title "Elder" for the men and "Sister" for the female missionaries to distinguish their dedication in sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Missionaries do not get paid, but instead save their money and pay their own way for 2 years (for males) and 1 1/2 years (for females) without working. Being a missionary is full-time work for the entire duration of their missionary work. Additionally Mormon missionaries are all over the world speaking and teaching in hundreds of languages. Missionaries purposes are to teach the word of the Lord and bring people to baptism, just like how Christ was baptized.

3. Mormons are Christian. Another myth that should be justified is that Mormons are not Christians, indeed they are. The name of the church officially is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" and Mormon is just a nickname. Some people also choose to use the term LDS which comes from Latter-Day Saint. Central to every Mormon doctrine is the belief in Jesus Christ. Missionaries, Bishops, Apostles, teachers, and everyone else teach of the divinity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and His role in saving us all from sin.

With these important elements you now understand a few things more about Mormons. Do not forget the next time you hear something false to tell others the truth about the Mormon faith. Mormons are a faith based religion focused on the Savior Jesus Christ and His teachings of repentance and mercy.

Source by Seth Waite


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