This week I was shocked to read in the news the story of a 7 years old boy who stub his dad's car and drove as fast as he could be chased by police just to skip going to the church.

The story made a media world tour and I do not know how people people paid attention to it, but for me it was like a cold shower.


This is the question that we all ask? How can you compare this situation with the past and present martyrs who are laying their own life for Jesus' sake?

Oops, I forgot to tell you that this happened in America …

What is happening with our country? What is happening with the Christians in America? Or it's only America, what about Europe?

Is this happening in the historical Christian areas, why?

This reminds me of the people of Israel and the times of Joshua. It reminds me of Joshua's bold declaration to obey and serve the Lord and is also reminding me of what happened only one generation after that when Israel turned away from the Lord.

Somebody said that Christian endures only one generation and that is why we have to live a life through which to make sure that we pass on the Christian values.

But why are the people running? Why do they prefer rather to surf on My Space, share on Twitter and Facebook than going to the House of the Lord?

There are few answers that I have, not all of them but some …

Here we go:

Family is no longer a family. The church is so much influenced by the divorce and remarriage phenomenon that sometimes you think if it still should be named church or a social club. If we read the Scriptures the children should be educated in the Christian values ​​in the family and if you do not have a normal family … you think about it.

Bible is no longer the Word of God and ultimate authority. The most successful preachers today are not the "conservative", limited and old fashioned preachers who are basis all their messages on the truth of the Scriptures, but the "innovative", free thinkers and pleasant to hear messengers of a life without barriers and without pains, the preachers of the relative truths and the ones who fit the culture. The Bible is no longer dictating us how to live it is just our source of false comfort and delusional peace.

Most of the Christians do not have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. We are the result of a "cheap Grace" gospel, we are the hypocrites of our days. Zachaeus could not see the Lord because of the people around him and sees like today the most people around Christ are stopping even their children from seeing the Lord.

What do we need to do?


Source by John Urs


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