Opportunities are all around us. We just need to look for them. God gives us opportunities to help every day. It does not have to be some huge project. It can be the small things. God answers all prayers big and small. Our opportunities to help can be either big or small.

We need to be aware of others needs and give them what they need if we are able to. Just stopping for a brief minute or two to help or listen to someone is not only a gift you can give to them but it will be a learning experience for you.

In Genesis 31: 22-42, we see that Labon went after Jacob but God protected him. Jacob did what he was supposed to do by caring for Labon's daughters and his land. Jacob went over and beyond what was expected of him. When we are asked to do things, we should go over and beyond what we are expected to do no matter how we think we are being treated. This helps the other person, it pleases God and it allows us to develop our skills more. We also gain a confidence and maturity which builds momentum to want us to help more.

What are some opportunities for you to do good today? Ask God to reveal them to you and use you as a blessing for others. Remember to look not just for the big things but the small things you can do.


1. Think about something someone has asked you to do.

2. What did you do and what more could you do?

3. Write down some things you could do over and beyond.

4. Ask God to help you to see what more in the future.

Source by Frances Copeland Lucas


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