Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick…”

An experiment was done by Curt Richter in 1950. He did series of experiment to test how long rats could swim in a high sided buckets of circulating water before they drown. Dr. Richter found out in a normal circumstance that a rat could swim for an average of 50 minutes before giving up and sinking. However, if you rescue the rat just before drowning, dry them off and let them rest briefly then put them back in the same bucket of circulating water, the rat could swim for an average of 60 hours.

Your heart doesn’t get sick just because hope was deferred. What makes the heart truly sick is when you stop hoping. What made the rat to be able to swim for that long, for 60 hours! Because the rat had hope that it could come out of that bucket, so it kept swimming on and on bearing in mind that there is a possibility of me coming out of this bucket!

Things may not look all rosy right now, just keep your hope alive. It could be that by every estimation of yours and by your precision about this dream or vision, that once it has been launched it will be the talk of the town and to your amazement, even the guy next door is not even aware of it! Don’t let that discourage, just keep doing the good work, soon you will see the fruit of your diligence if you don’t give up or give in to doubts. The truth is that it takes time for every vision to grow and be fully established it that vision is to serve the purpose for which it was brought into existence.

People will always criticize you because you clamour too much about this vision of yours. Just keep hope alive. Never stop dreaming big just because people are murmuring. Never stop keeping hope alive even when if the world is speaking screaming enough! Let no amount of criticism stop you from achieving that which you have set out to achieve. What will convince the world that you truly believe in that vision is the fact that you never gave up or gave in despite the slandering and criticism that has been leveled against you. Keep hope alive. Keep moving and never give up.

The clock is ticking, the months are passing and nothing has shown forth from the resolutions I made when the year began. “Lord I’m beginning to lose my cool, what’s happening”, you said quietly in your heart. Just keep hope alive. Let not your heart be troubled.

I want you to know that because you have Jesus, it is enough reason for you to keep your hope alive and be assured that in all these things you are more than a conqueror. There is enough strength for you to go through life and come out shining and victorious. You can boldly declare that Christ in me is the hope of glory (see Col. 1:27). Because I have Christ I’m certain that my future is bright. People may laugh and scorn at me but because I have Christ, I will never be put to shame. Christ in me is the hope of glory!

Source by Moses Rueben Eromose


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