An author was out walking when he saw the outline of a crane that looked like a Cross. He said to his two friends, "Calvary". They moved on and suddenly they became silent and pondered.

No-one in the group was particularly spiritual, so why should there be a remark about that death outside the city of Jerusalem? Why should a Roman gallows haunt that man's imagination?

Why do people in 2008 still wear crosses? This is being written as we approach another "Good Friday" although Jesus Christ was not crucified on a Friday. He was raise from the dead on the Sunday – make no mistake about that – having been three days and three night in the grave.

So why is there such an interest in what is called "The Cross"?

Is it because in the depths of man there is something, conscious or subconscious, where does he know that there at Golgotha ​​God has spoken?

Is this not where man finds the solution to the riddle of life, and what many call the mystery of suffering?

I really wonder if, apart from the Cross of Jesus Christ, there is anything of an answer which is at all valuable and worthwhile.

Various indicators point a man to Jesus Christ, but if you omit the Cross, one does not travel very far. Useful votes may be helpful, but they can not give us the power of God, the forgiveness of sin, and the strength and grace which we each so need.

They give no comfort when tears are streaming down your cheeks, or when disappointment engulfs your hopes and dreams, or when your desires and goals are shated by something you thought would never happen.

Bleak empty barren confused guilty tear-filled lives require the grace and love and strength which flow from the Cross. And there is so much more flowing than the Cross – everything you need to rescue save motivation and inspire!

At the Cross of Christ we remember that without the sacrificial death of Jesus, and the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin.

Whatever personal relevancy has the Cross, some 2,000 years later? The same as it had to Peter, to John, and to Mary.

Sandy Shaw

Source by Sandy Shaw


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