The question we should all ask ourselves time and again is why we have to first die before we can get into heaven. Let's face it there is no place on this earth that requires that type of passage. They may require passport or some type of ID but to get into heaven we must first die. Even our Lord and savior Jesus Christ had to come and die for us before he was again resurrected, to show us that this is the true passage to heaven.

In order to understand why we have to die to get into heaven we must first start by understanding what death means. To most of us death is when our hearts stop beating and we have no pulse. The term commonly used in hospitals is 'flat line'. In spirituality that is not death but falling asleep. In spirituality we are all dead until we accept Christ and God in our hearts. In the spiritual world our carnal selves walk on this earth as dead people until God breathes life into us. This is not the life of a pulse or heart beat but this is the life of accepting God in us.

In the bible the Lord says the spiritual man is born through water and the spirit. The bible teachers us about Noah's ark as a rebirth into a new life after the old of evil. It teaches us about accepting the Holy Ghost and being baptized. From these words we understand why heaven is a place we get to only after death because unless we are born in this way, before God we are all dead people.

The spiritual man knows that the death of a pulse or heart beat is not the death of our spirit. The spirit is alive and well even when we lay on our death beds. When we hold on to the things of old and the lusts for things of the world then we are hanging on to death. When we leave this past behind us and follow Christ then we are reborn and seek life and heaven. We now exist in the spirit with the knowledge that our bodies may wither away and die but we are already in heaven in the spirit.

Heaven is a place that we get to only after death because we are all born dead and exist in death until we find life through Christ. When we find this life then we are in heaven.

Source by Leslie Musoko


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