I love it when God talks to me like he would a friend. What I mean is Him just sharing… just because. I was at Walmart several years ago getting an oil change. To pass the time I wondered up and down the aisles just…shopping…ugh. I glanced down this one aisle and saw a woman with a young girl looking at toys and the Lord said to me, “She has cancer.” I did not know which one He was talking about, the woman or the young girl, but that did not matter to me and I said, “Do you want me to go lay hands on her and pray for her healing?” The Lord said, “No.” I paused a moment and said, “Lord…Do you want me to intercede for her?” Again He replied, “No.” I asked once again, “Lord, exactly what is it you want me to do?” He said, “Nothing.” Have you ever had one of those days you just cannot quite seem to get it? I said, “Okay Lord, I do not understand…why are you telling me this if you are not going to do anything about it?” God is so loving He said, “I just wanted to share with you as a friend would do. I have someone else anointed to lay hands on her to stir her faith, also. My eyes filled with tears of joy just thinking…the Creator of this universe wanted to just share His heart with me. WOW! How honored and humbling; and guess what? God is not a respecter of persons. If he will do it for one he will do it for all who believe in him.

There was another time, shortly after this event, I was praising the Lord and Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “What is a circumstance?” I said, “A circumstance is something that happens to you or around you. It could be something happening to someone else.” Now I thought that was pretty good but when I heard God’s definition…”A circumstance is an opportunity to either glorify God or not…the choice is yours.” Am I the only one getting these things…I think not? God loves us all and pours out on us all. I understand how Moses felt when he said, “I would (wish) that you would all prophesy.”

Here is a word that is a bit more recent and very powerful. I used to tell people…you need Jesus and you need to get into church; it does not matter which church as long as you are going somewhere. I have had to retract those words because of this vision God gave me. I was on stage during praise and worship and just went into a trance. My eyes were open but everything and everyone had vanished. I began to see something coming toward me like a screen fading in and suddenly there it was. I was looking at what appeared to be a woman but she looked deformed; her body looked as if it had been pushed down and twisted to about two feet tall. It was very hard to tell what was what because I could see an arm from mid-forearm growing from the middle of the back; there was a hand growing from the shoulder; the face was completely distorted. I have never seen anything like this before or since. As I looked at this hideous creature I asked God what he is showing me; His response took me completely by surprise. “This is the bride of Christ”, He said. I said, “No way…get behind me Satan.” I tell you I began rebuking the vision until God spoke again, “Look at it again…” I looked and the Lord continued, “…people are going where they want instead of where I choose; they go here because they like the preaching or they don’t like the preaching there; or maybe it is because the music is too loud or it is too cold or hot; they like the preaching or praise but there is no programs for the kids. The body of Christ and its members are set in place by Me so she will be without spot or blemish. Just as I designed the physical body so I have designed the body of Christ.” The vision faded away as quickly as it came and I was not excited to share this vision but I did. There were some who received it and others who did not.

You know…visions are not just for prophets but they do seem to be more prominent with the prophetic. I remember a couple of visions that were very different but had the same meaning; they occurred at different times and at different places and they were about a week apart. The first one happened while I was laying in the grass, on my back, half way under the deck on my riding lawn mower…I did not want to take the time to take the blades off…okay! Anyway, as I sharpened everything seemed to vanish and there I was laying there watching this huge hand sharpening a blade with a whet stone. The way it was happening was unusual because normally when you sharpen a blade with a whet stone you put the stone down and move the blade but the hand was holding the stone and sliding it across the blade. With each pass made I could see fragments flying off the blade. After a short while the fragments began changing into faces of people where I go to church. I watched for a while and the vision went away. I asked the Lord what this meant and He said any blade, no matter how dull or blunt can cut, if it has enough force behind it. You I have called to be on the cutting edge and if you are going to be on the cutting edge, you have to lose some fragments. I will hone you into a surgical instrument that not only will cut but will cut with exact precision. I told my pastor about my vision the next day and his response was not unexpected. He did not want to lose members of our church any more than I did but by the following Sunday we had lost almost 50% of our congregation. All the faces I could remember seeing and telling the pastor about were now gone…why…I do not know, but God is still God and His purpose for us is what matters first and foremost.

Three days late: Wednesday night service, there I was praising God and minding my own business when I saw what looked like a cloud or fog moving into the sanctuary. It filled the whole room from the ceiling to about seven feet above the floor. It was like a thick white smoke. Suddenly from the bottom of this fog I saw what looked like funnels dropping down to the top of people’s heads as if to be filling them up with something. When this funnel touched some it would remain and when it touched others it would retract; sometimes very quickly and other times a bit slower. The vision lasted about ten minutes then was gone. I asked the Lord what this meant and He said there are those who will receive this new anointing while other will reject it completely and still others will want it but not all of it. I told my pastor what I had seen and though he did not want to hear it he did receive what I said. The following Sunday we had lost another 50% of our congregation. WOW! What do you do in a case like that? My pastor came to me a few weeks later and said while he did miss the folks that left he would not give up this new anointing. You see we have to get our priorities and values figured out. If God is not number one in your life you need to search your heart and soul. I am very glad my pastor put God first before his career.

Source by Robert Bright


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