If Jesus did not absolutely defeat the devil then God could not have raised Him from the dead because that was the purpose that He came; to destroy the works of the devil. Up until Jesus died on the cross, Satan had the authority to rule the Earth. He had taken it over from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But when Jesus died on the cross He went into Hades and preached who He was to the Old Testament Saints who was waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Jesus also stripped Satan of the authority that he had.

Once this was absolutely done; the authority to rule was given back into the hand of the believers. Satan does not want this known to the church because he wants to continue to steal, kill and destroy everything. He has a vicious hatred towards humanity but especially toward the children of God. Satan can be called a stronghold but he does not have the right to have authority or power. Jesus stripped him of all rights.

We have been given three mighty weapons to fight against the devil and these three weapons have supreme, absolute power to defeat him. They are the word of God, the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus. The word supreme means superior to all others, highest ranking, chief, head, top, for most, and first. The word absolute means total, complete, utter, outright, entire, perfect, pure, and decided. So the word of God, the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus is superior to all others, it is highest ranking, totally complete, entire, chief, decided and etc.

We have been given these weapons to use against the devil. We speak the word of God to bind the enemy and we do it with the authority that we have in Jesus name and then we apply or plead the Blood of Jesus over him. Satan is no match against us if we would use what has been given to us. God has also made avail to us ministering Spirits who have been sent to minister to those who are heirs of salvation. We are heirs of salvation and these Angels are standing ready to aid us when they hear the word of God coming out of our mouth.

Jesus said that before you can spoil the strongman goods, you must first bind him and then spoil his goods. The only way to bind the devil is by speaking God’s word to him. We cannot use any physical means to do this because he is a spirit; therefore, it will take a spiritual mean to do it and that would be the word of God because God is a Spirit and His life is in His word. We also need to use the authority that we have and make it known to the devil of who we are. It is not that he doesn’t know, the question is do we know. He is always hoping that we don’t know who we are because if we don’t know, then he is able to continue to do his evil deeds in our life. The Blood of Jesus is our plea; it has justified us and sanctified us and because of it, the devil cannot bring an accusation against us that will stand. This is why the Blood of Jesus need to be applied against him and also because he cannot cross it or prevail against it.

Satan has a lot that belongs to us in his treasure of darkness but it is not too late for us to recover all from him and demand that he restore sevenfold over to us. This is the word of God and it is supreme and absolute.

Source by Lizzie Ducking


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