Our lives can be like a trip on the interstate looking for a town we have never traveled to before. Life can deal us many bridges to cross, unexpected detours, sharp turns, new valleys to enter into and even sudden oncoming traffic. All in all, it’s a road traveled to the unknown. We will encounter some takers and deceivers all out for self. It’s a blessing that too many often take for granted when we can come in contact with someone who is a giver, a lover, and one who unselfishly cares about our well-being as well as theirs.

Too often we don’t take the time to nurture relationships. We sometimes treat life like a relay race, sprinting through each day trying to do and get all we can before we reach the finish line and much gets lost or goes by in a blur in between. Relationships take time to develop for them to bloom into its full beauty. Just like a newly potted plant needs watering, sunshine, and food to grow to its full potential so do relationships. More importantly it starts with the foundation, was the plant rooted in good soil from to begin with. From the beginning in our pursuit of a relationship we should seek God first, ask him to lay the soil down needed for us to build a relationship upon. And when that someone comes along, like a farmer looking for a place to build and harvest upon he tests the soil first, so shall we.

The bible says we should test everything, and hold on to what is good. If the foundation upon which you intend to build is bad soil what shall you expect your harvest be like in the long run, it’s like making an investment in vain. A lot of us think we can take that which is bad or damaged and mold it into something to our liking but believe me it’s not the case. We don’t have that type of power. You will find some that will boastfully give themselves the credit for doing so but the truth be told we know that only God is the true heart changer of men. If you have taken that chance and a change did occur it’s because somebody was praying for that person and your situation minus your prayers. Whatever miracles we see take place in this age; God had everything to do with it for sure. Man loves credit but as I always say we need to put in practice giving credit where it is due and stop being so self-absorbed in thinking we are the miracle workers responsible for change. Yes, God can use us in his plan to help another individual but the credit is still his and we should be grateful that we were the vessel he used to accomplish his will.

We need to begin by thanking God for what we have, where we have come from to where we are presently, his provision for our needs, and stop so much looking at what those around us have that we in turn want. For now you have what you have for a reason until God says differently. Walk in gratefulness and smile for each day he wakes you up and allows you to do the simple things that most of us daily take for granted. Love God first with all your mind, heart, and soul, seek his righteousness, petition him for what’s best for you and wait for the manifestation of your blessing to arrive, meanwhile don’t let sin block it. Stay steadfast in prayer to walk in his perfect will for your life not his permissive will because you have chosen to do things your way and in your timing instead of his. Don’t be hesitant to let God be in control fully of your life. Would you entrust your life in the hands of a murderer, deceiver, swindler, or a liar? God is neither mentioned. He is full of truth, love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, righteous, and he wants what’s best for you. Will you trust him to give you all that you need? I hope you answer is YES! I dare you!

Source by Catherine Rose


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