People that know me know how pill conscious I have always been. I have never been the type to ever take a pill without making a big deal. Thankfully, I have not required any need for any extreme medication. But I do suffer from severe back pain once a month (when my friend comes into town), and every time until recently it is a pain like no other.

Let me assure you that I know about chronic pain. This pain is enough to make me take a bottle of Tylenol – and that is a hard thing to believe.

Now that I have returned to my ways of natural health and have eliminated fear, drug abuse, and other addictions from my life, I have not only beaten the need for these substances but I have also eliminated the need for traditional medication. The main basis for this freedom starts with the mind. It involves:

1. -Positive Declarations, i.e., “I have a strong body”, “Pain has no residence within me”.

2. -Visualization Therapy, i.e., meditation and prayer

3. -Factual support, i.e. scriptural texts to support your efforts.

4. -Natural & Homeopathic Remedies

All of these techniques can be combined, but depending on the situation one may be suitable. I stress the importance of having a belief in your mind, subconscious mind and strong faith. If you read the brief list of remedies and cringed- you are not ready for this type of freedom and independence (open your mind!).

The Power of Positive Declarations

When you are executing positive declarations, you are speaking to your conscious mind and physical body what your subconscious mind and spirit already know. Making a list of simple declarations is a great idea. “By Jesus’ stripes I’m healed”, “Pain has no root in my body”, “Pain must go!”, “Sickness has no power in my body, I am filled with health, positive energy and redemption”, and the list can go on and on. You want to speak to the pain commanding it to leave, but also speak to your physical body commanding it and telling it to get in line with the word of God.

It amazes me how many people of faith, whether Christian or any other member of faith settle into the abyss of their pain. This is not how we were created to live. Human beings have jurisdiction over all ailments and variables that come into our lives.

It is simply a choice to live with pain, sickness and disease. Even if you do not believe what you are saying, you are speaking it into fruition. It does not hurt to try this if you do not believe- a little faith goes a long way. This concept is so simple, many forget.

Visualize Peace and the Pain Leaving Your Body

Prayer is another variation of positive declaration and meditation. When I say “visualize” I literally mean it. Let’s take my cramps for example. When I have severe lower back cramping episodes I simply visualize the inside of my lower back. Then I create a white light in my mind and picture it softly spreading inside of the area that is in pain.

Along with the declarations and the meditation of healing- the pain leaves the body. You can choose any kind of visualization scenario that you are comfortable with. Remember everything exists in the mind as a thought first before it is created. God did this when He created the Earth and He embedded the same power within us to do the same. Even in times where we ask for something to be done, it must be thought of first.

The pain will not leave until an action is taken.

Also in times of prayer, realize not everything is God! He has given you the same power that He has and as Jesus has. It is up to you to take it up. Sometimes I believe that God may want us to be more independent and not passively praying about everything. Does God care about everything that goes on in our lives? Certainly He does! But He has also given us the ability and authority through His Son Jesus Christ to do greater works and even more than Him.

This is a great faith building exercise. The next time you have a headache or cramps- put that pill bottle down and practice this little act of faith. Not only will you be sparing your liver and kidneys a break, you will also be looking out for your stomach. Trust and believe that Tylenol and Aspirin will tear your stomach lining up, and in frequent use can act as a catalyst for ulcers and other unnecessary ailments.

Put Facts and Truth On It!

The authority of the Bible and its scriptures is true. I recommend using healing scriptures to support your goal of healing. The Bible is swimming with them. In illness and severe sickness it is very beneficial to meditate on these scriptures daily.

Natural & Homeopathic Remedies

Natural and elemental remedies are excellent sources of cures. A fantastic book to read more about particular remedies and herb uses is Back To Eden. My suggestion is to learn the basics on a particular element. An example of an element in this context would be: natural oils (aromatherapy), herbs, diet, fasting, and/or exercise.

In example of knowing the basics about natural and essential oils, i suggest for instance learning that peppermint oil is great for nausea (especially in pregnancy) and headaches. Lavender oil is excellent for anxiety and insomnia. Then also add a simple detail of knowledge as to where the best places to apply these oils would be. Peppermint oil when used for nausea is best when inhaled directly from the source. Peppermint oil for headaches is best when applied directly on the temples, behind the neck (under the occipital lobe) or behind the ears.

There is a whole other world out there when it comes to Homeopathic and Natural medicine, enough for a whole series of posts! If you are interested in getting a few essential oils to start, grab them at your local Whole Foods Market (just make sure that they are 100% essential with no additives).

On a personal note, it is very rare for me to take medication- not even Tylenol or Aspirin, now that I have this level of understanding.

You may ask, “hey, if it’s that easy, and God has given us everything we need to be healthy, what is the point of sickness and pain at all – in any capacity?”

“But when Jesus heard it he said, “This illness(es) is not unto death; it is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by means of it.” – John 11:4

Source by Nikoya Johnson


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