I must tell you from personal experience that when I learned the power of words, it completely changed my life. Do you know that words are things? Each and every day you give life to things with your words. Jesus said, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” God also said that, “You will be satisfied by the fruit of your lips.” There are many references in God’s word about how we shape our own destiny by the words or “THINGS” we say.

Words are things. Always remember that. Jesus also said, “You shall have what you say.” So you see? We really must watch what we say. We can bless or curse someone, even our own children, with our words. If you ever speak negative towards someone, you are releasing a curse to that person. When you speak good of someone, you release blessing. The same goes when people speak of you. If you hear someone speak bad of you, you need to reject what they said. Don’t ever agree with them! If you agree with them, you bring a curse upon yourself. You say what God says about you!

It’s so important that we have a good character in this life. That is what people remember. Charm is temporary, but character shapes a person’s life and is real. Good or bad, character is what people remember. So build good character by speaking well of people at all times. If you know that someone doesn’t have a good character, don’t say anything. Just keep quiet. Do not let cursing or negative words come out of your mouth towards someone else.

Even if someone has done you wrong and you feel like announcing it, don’t. Cover the evil that person has done by not saying anything about it. Let God deal with the error of that person’s ways. You keep your mouth in line with God’s Word at all time.

Keep your words saying what God says. But how do you know what God says? You have to pick up the Bible and spend time in his word.

Don’t ever spend time talking about what you don’t want. Only talk about the things you would like to see. Let’s your words be wholesome and good and pure. Then you will see your words manifest into what you would like to see. You see, by your words, you change your thoughts, and when you change your thoughts, you change your emotions and then your actions will line up with those faith words. Then good things start to happen in your life.

So that’s how it’s done. Keep a guard over your mouth and watch your words!

Source by Lisa Buldo


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