Christian homeschooling is strategically positioned in our culture to usher in a new era of reform. We have witnessed the failure of our governments to make the necessary changes for many years.

The Christian homeschooling community in America has the awesome opportunity to not only influence the fabric of our society, but also to be a nation-changing light to countries that have allowed homeschooling to take root.

While homeschooling families typically focus on moms educating their children with Christian-based curriculum, the role of the father in this setting must make a shift. Men can no longer be satisfied to take a back seat.

Christian fathers and husbands must step up and go beyond their accepted role of simply providing support for their wives in the vital task of homeschooling.

Why am I saying this? Because Christian men need to provide loving direction and apply Godly wisdom to the thoughts and goals of their children. It is very important that our children begin to look at the future the Lord has established for them at any early age.

The Godly destinies of our children, once they become reality, have the power to change the destructive course that America has been on for the last 50 years. Christian homeschooling Moms and Dads have the primary responsibility to provide their children with the spiritual instruction and practical support to see that this happens.

The first key towards creating this “destiny atmosphere” in your home is for Dad and Mom to be living out their God-given destinies. This is no easy task as I am sure you are aware. Your destiny will not just fall into your lap. It is something you must pursue relentlessly with Godly help.

By successfully living out your destiny in front of your home schooled children, you are giving them a path to follow that will change this nation and the world. We are establishing the next generation of world-changers. Is this not fantastic news?

Christian Homeschooling Will Change The World

Do you think this is grandiose thinking? Were we not called and given the anointing to change this world through the blood and love of Christ?

Obviously, the power word in Christian homeschooling is not homeschooling but in the fact that it is based in the life-giving power of Christ.

I believe the vast majority of Christian men are not walking in their destiny because they don’t really know what their destiny is in Jesus. This condition cannot continue. As Christian homeschoolers, we are missing out on the chance of giving our children the living examples of our lives in fulfilling our destinies.

I am 52 years old and I have a good sense of what my destiny is in Christ. The place I have struggled in big-time is walking it out. I finally realized that I needed to have committed support from other Godly men to help me achieve my destiny.

That is why I believe it is vital that there be a powerful vehicle available for men to gather online in small groups, whether you homeschool or not. These online groups of about 4 men should be structured to help other men discover and walk out their destinies.

Source by Michael Ecuyer


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