Questions arise at times which spark off profitable searches, producing satisfying answers.

Perhaps there are more probing and substantial questions occurring today than many of us have had to face over the past forty or more years. To most of the troubling questions there are satisfactory answers if the questioner is willing to receive and accept and embrace the best and finest and highest answers available.

How can we survive life's troubles? By looking to Jesus Christ, and fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ.

What motivates God's discipline? It is His love for us.

As a father discriminates his children, so God applies a discipline which is always just. Such answers and thoughts are seldom offered today, even people really want a solution to their problems which will work and work well.

This is much more than philosophy and the mere ideas of men which do change as the times go by.

Man needs something real and lasting on which he can build a life that will stand the storms which are a-coming, and we are facing moral storms and economic and financial battles and challenges which are growing more serious by the week in certain places.

It will discipline and sound solid foundations and a quality of leadership which is strong and courageous and sensitive. Such leaders are scarce in these modern days. By discipline, I mean godly discipline.

Godly discipline is for our good, enabling us to share in His holiness.

Seldom do we hear someone being described as godly or holy. Why?

When the writer to the Hebrew Christians is seeking to encourage these believers to remain faithful and loyal, he speaks specifically about whatever may hinder or impede our growth, progress and development.

Like the athlete before a race, we are told to discard and get rid of what is unnecessary, and the sin that could easily entangle, entrap, and trip us up.

"Get rid of it, man. It will just get in the way."

How many trivial things just get in the way and drain us of time and energy and money? Sin has caused such chaos and havoc and suffering.

While reading and studying the letter to these Hebrew Christians who today would be called Messianic Jews, there are answers which are as relevant and apposite in 2012 as they were when first penned in what has become part of the Word of God. When Almighty God places His imprimatur upon a document then it is good enough for you and me!

All this is being written to people who were experiencing increasing pressure, so that they would not give up, grow weary, or lose heart.

Much of the Olympics made good viewing, but these men and women did not reach their physical peak by sitting watching television.

Their longing was to win a medal, and even gold medals do not have much gold in them.

Consider the sacrifices individuals are willing to make to run a few seconds faster, jump a fraction higher, or die with greater accuracy.

Everything is aimed toward that goal – where they go, the advice they take, the food they eat.

What a spiritual challenge when we remember our high and holy calling in Christ. That must never be rated as insignificant, nor underestimated.

Nothing daunted these early disciples.

They ran the race and did not dawdle!

Source by Sandy Shaw


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