What to write, what to write.

The Internet is above all about writing.

You write to communicate to others in email, IM, whatever, even on the mobile text phone, this is not about that. This is about deciding what to write if you have some sort of product to market.

Now, you are thinking of some sort of sales pitch, aren’t you?

A big buildup, then just drop you. Well, I hate to risk hurting your feelings, but there are infinitely more gurus getting dropped than are doing the dropping.

It ain’t rocket science.

If you want to know the step-by-step process, you will get such good training and software that you won’t believe. And assistance…it will make you a huge success…so much for the sales pitch…oh, yes, one more thing. You have to absolutely do what you are being taught.

That is right, you still have to do the work.

But I digress.

You say, that is all fine and good, but what can I write that just doesn’t sound like the stereotypical used car salesman that I try to avoid at all costs.

There are a bazillion people out there on the internet, how do I get anyone to find me…I am alone and awash in a sea of WebPages, websites, u – tubes, movie pods and stuff I find fascinating, however I don’t know how to do that fancy stuff.

Can I still make a living?

I will write a report on that, if anyone writes to me to ask, probably will anyway. It really helps when you are writing articles if you are a bit of a blabbermouth naturally. I kind of like to talk, but my voice is so low that people don’t hear me….DARN…

Working at home is hard.

You just ramble off about what doesn’t make any sense

And you are supposed to be an expert.

That would be nice, however not everyone is an expert in every field, or has the time in their life to become one. I am online writing to make money.

The way to make money is to have a list.

The way to have a list is……

And so on.

Well, hope to see your writing online someday.

Guess I am trying to say, write about anything at all.. Just write.

Good luck, and Jesus loves you.

Source by Patricia Dobson


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