We who know Christ bought to speak only what His Spirit has breathed. The message on my heart today is not my own, but from that Spirit of Truth promised to the disciples.

That Spirit said through Isaiah (60:12) "The nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish, and those nations shall be utterly destroyed." There will be a measure of freedom in the millennial reign of Christ.Those that have for all or part of the 1000 years rebelled or complained or denied Christ's reign will be gathered together by the released Enemy of God, Satan, for one final -pitiful – confrontation. Those nations will then be "utterly ruined." Although Isaiah speaks much in his book of the Millennium, one can not but see the heart of God for all nations, even today, that refusal even to allow the name of Jesus to be publicized.

That means that the days of even the world's worst dictators today are numbered: (Acts 17:26 ff.) Paul makes this case, through that measure of the Spirit entrusted to him:

1. God made the nations all from one blood.

2. God has determined their time of rule.

3. God has determined their boundaries.

4. God expects these nations in every generation to seek Him and repent.

5. God will eventually judge all nations by Jesus Christ.

The nations on your map. They are all about God. They serve His purposes now, and forever. And the Bible speaks of nations that will be saved from utter destruction. These are the ones that enter into the Millennium time frame and escape destruction from the angry Lord who will be bringing His vengeance and wrath on the planet. But of those who survive, if any turn against Him even then, their judgment is sure.

Some of these nations are already gone. Some survive. The nations on the Korean peninsula are survivors, for example. How? That's a great question. South Korea in particular is a miracle. It should not be here. If it continues to follow the West into debauchery, it may not last long either.

But because "How?" is a fascinating question, "Why?" is even more important. I have survived two blocked arteries, two heart procedures, and modern medicines. Why? The answer to all survival must have to do with the purposes of God. We are here to do His will. We are here to gather a people for His name, for the Kingdom that certainly is coming. Much of Korea entered into those purposes. We are praying now that the North will catch the vision.

The church has been called, one here and one there, out of the nations. Though their fellow countrymen perish, the church will be spared the wrath of God. I am not speaking of church today, but of nations and their fate.

How long will God'sjudgment wait? The Spirit through Luke gives us the story of the great Herod Antipas. Well, Herod thinks he is great anyway. His arrogant pride emboldens him to kill an apostle. But Herod lives. (Acts 12.) Then he arrests another apostle. He lives. Then he kills two innocent guards. And yet he lives. But one day he steels glory from God and is stuck immediately and dies a most inglorious death. Hear the mind of the Lord.

How long will those who defy the God Who made them be allowed to prosper? Not that long, really. One day it is all over.

We do not wait for that inevitable fall to go into the "closed" nations of North Korea et al. There are no excuses, no blockades. The Gospel has never been stopped before, except by our disobedience, and will not be stopped now.

God and the nations continue to march to their destiny. We march with God or we fall into oblivion.

Source by Bob Faulkner


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