There are two possibilities for when human life actually

begins; conception or when the first breath is taken.

Science proves that at conception, a new genetic life is

generated that is truly different from the father and different from the


Genesis said God breathed the breath of life into Adam and he

became a living soul.

There are multiple references from “since leaving mother’s


I follow two main principles as I “divide the Word of truth”:

  1. Scriptures are additive not subtracting.
  2. Truth does not need to be understood to be truth.

This means to me that if there are two sides to an issues or

subject and both are clearly affirmed in Scripture, I accept

that there is truth to both sides whether the sides appear to

be contradictory or not. I do not need to resolve every

conflict in my mind.

When Nicodemus said “How can a man be born when he is old?” I

must say that I also do not know how but can accept that being

born again does occur and I am so.

The fact that life clearly begins before coming out of the

womb is shown in the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth. “The babe

(baby) leaped in my womb.”

“The mother of my Lord” is used while Mary was clearly more

than six months away from the birth of Jesus.

However, you do enter the world as you leave the womb.

The penalty to be inflicted on one who causes a mother to

“cast her young” is less than that for premeditated murder.

The time for circumcision is measured in days from when the

child leaves the womb: “on the 8th day”.

“Elizabeth conceived a son and this is the sixth month.” This

is clearly a measure of time from conception.

Note also that it truly was “a son” before leaving the womb.

My conclusions, therefore, from a Scriptural point of view,

are that; life begins at conception, he (or she) is a person

while in the womb, and he “enters the world” when he leaves

the womb.

Source by Douglas Johnson


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