To be able to learn how to tap into cosmic consciousness, you must first understand its full meaning and the effect that it can have on some people. Not everyone is capable of tapping into cosmic consciousness and only those that truly believe in it are the ones that are able to achieve it, you other words, you must not only understand but also believe in cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness is understanding that you form part of a bigger picture than what most people think. Understanding everything that is in the universe and knowing of its existence. Being able to open your mind up wider than you ever imagined, find new senses and finally understand the cosmic energy that surrounds the universe.

Being able to tap into the cosmic consciousness will enable you to see things more clearly and also to think things more clearly. Apart from this, it has been proven that some people who achieve tapping into the cosmic consciousness also have an intelligence level much higher that the average person, they are more enlightened and more intuitive.

To be able to tap into the cosmic consciousness you must be capable of opening your mind to new ideas and experiences, a closed mind will never be able to achieve this. You have to learn to control your thoughts and the power your conscious and sub conscious minds have at the same time. You have to learn to open up your five senses. And the most important of all, you must learn to control your inner energy before you can control the energy the universe has to offer.

This may sound very difficult to do, especially if you are not in tune with the inner energy you have. But with a lot of time and practice you will learn to control your own energy and open up your body to new energies around you that you did not know existed. The cosmic consciousness has a lot to offer and because of this, people who want to be able to tap into this consciousness have a lot to learn about it first.

Source by Trevor Johnson


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