Many of us have often wondered what happens to us when we die?

It is an age old question and one that is difficult to correctly answer because once we die, we theoretically can no longer communicate with those who we have left behind.

There are individuals who have had a near death experience or an out of body experience who have relayed their perception of what they encountered.

Many of them tell of similar encounters when they return to our plane of existence.

Most often, those who have had a NDE tell of passing through the light, or going towards the light and meeting a spiritual being such as Jesus, who tells them their mission on earth is not complete and they need to go back so they can accomplish what they came to earth to do.

They then return to their physical body, recover from their accident or illness and resume their lives, often while accomplishing important duties.

While this is interesting and important information, it still doesn’t explain what happens after we die, since these people never actually died.

All of this being said, the only information we can rely on is the knowledge we gather from psychics, mystics and those who have done past life and in between life regression.

Although many would dispute this type of information, it is the only thing we have to go on, and when so many repeat the same scenario, we can rely on it being pretty accurate.

Most offer a slightly different version of the same story: when physical death occurs and souls leave their bodies, after passing through the “light” they are greeted by their Spirit Guides, who accompany and guide them to the non physical dimension where souls go after death.

The Guides are highly evolved souls who mentor and direct other souls toward spiritual evolution. Sometimes, souls who just passed away are greeted by loved ones who have previously died and who may also be their Guides.

They are then shown the Tree of Life and communicate with other spirits with whom they have had many incarnations where the previous lifetime is contemplated and discussed. Once they are ready again to reincarnate, all the possibilities of what they would like to accomplish and the best possible way to accomplish their mission.

Their new life is then discussed with all the souls who will be participating in the life adventure, and if all are willing, the reincarnation process begins.

Source by Gary Wonning


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