Many people have difficulty believing that you can receive healing of emotional or physical issues from a distance. Unless you are aware of energy healing, quantum physics or the power of prayer, distance healing does not make logical sense. It’s easier to understand what you can see, touch, taste, smell and feel. Below are 7 reasons why this is possible.

Religious tradition. Although this is not an explanation of distance healing, it does demonstrate the belief in such more than two millennia ago. The Christian scriptures related Jesus curing someone close to death at a distance. Before you say, “But that was Jesus,” remember that Jesus also said, “You can do this and more.” He included raising the dead in that, by the way.

Consciousness. Somehow we’re able to communicate with each other in a way that doesn’t involve “normal” ways such as talking, telephones, writing, etc. You have probably had unexplained “knowings” happen to you. You might know who is on the phone before you answer. (Ring tones and caller ID don’t count!) Just the right words come unexpectedly when talking to someone. The answer may appear “out of no where.” These things demonstrate there is a way we can transmit information to each other through non-physical means.

Soliton. These are from physics. They are waves of energy that contain specific knowledge. The information in it is constant until it reaches its target. There is scientific speculation that soliton waves transfer information from cells to cells and clusters of cells (organs, for instance). In addition, they may contain the information the distant healer is sending to the one receiving.

Quarks. This is another quantum physics term. Quarks seem to facilitate communication on a sub-atomic level almost instantly. This occurs in the body and seems to be happening long distance. This is one way healing energy, which contains information, travels at a distance almost instantly.

Electromagnetic Frequencies. At the turn of the 20th century, automobiles were amazing enough. What ordinary person would have thought you could talk on phones without cords or have these things called computers which could gather information from unknown far away places. EMFs are now the most common form of communication.

Mother’s Intuition. I know this doesn’t sound very scientific, but every mother and many fathers just know when something is wrong with one of their kids. How does that happen? There is some kind of communication on a consciousness level between people who are close emotionally.

Scientific Experiments. There have been a number of scientific experiments that demonstrate measurable changes in people from distance healing and prayer, a form of distance healing. From changes in simple enzymes to plant growth to recovery from heart surgery are now reported in scientific journals.

Healing over hundreds of miles may seem impossible and improbable if you have never experienced it. There is now much scientific research demonstrating that this does occur.

Source by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.


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