So, you've decided you want to mail out some promotional postcards to drum up some new business. If you're in a rush to launch your campaign, you can speed up the process by gathering everything you need before you ever call your postcard marketing company.

Use this as a checklist to make sure you have everything ready beforehand.

1. An offer
This may seem obvious, but far too often, businesses send out postcards with no other purpose than to announce their existence to the general public. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you're a small business that's new in town. But by adding a simple offer to your promotional postcards, such as "25% off" your products or services, you can almost guarantee a higher response. Nearly every postcard marketing campaign should include some type of offer to make a larger impact.

2. Preferred mailing date
Let your direct mail company know exactly when you hope to have your postcards in the mail. This will set a deadline for the entire project and will ensure that your campaign goes out on time.

3. Response deadline
If you're including an offer on your postcards, be sure to include a deadline for people to respond. This will create a sense of urgency and compel your prospects to respond "before it's too late." Having a deadline is another near-guarantee that you'll get a higher response rate.

4. Call to action
Make sure people know exactly how to respond. This can be as simple as "Call 1-800 …" or "visit" If your call to action is hidden (or non-existent), your postcards will likely end up in the trash. The call to action should always be very clear and prominently placed.

5. Logo
If you want your logo to be on your postcards, be sure to have those images ready. Ideally, you should be able to email your logo to you direct mail company immediately after you speak with them on the phone.

6. Graphics (optional)
If you already have professional graphics and images you want to use, that's great. You can send these along with your logo to your account manager. If you do not have any idea what your cards should look like, do not worry. Professional designers will find the best images for your campaign.

7. Copy (optional)
Just like images, it's great if you already have copy. But if not, no problem. Professional postcard-marketing copywriters will craft the exact message you're looking for.

8. Mailing list (or preferred target audience)
It's important to know who you want to mail to. If you do not have your own list already, that's okay; your postcard marketing company will qualify one for you. Just be sure to know who you're targeting (demographics, geographic location, etc.), so that the marketing team can develop a solid list with the largest potential for response.

Source by M Marlin


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