When things get tough give up, really? When you read it in that context it does sound very negative and defeatist. But I bet it got your attention, right! Why in a world that has beaten you down would you ever want to just give up? This is not how most people in their lives would want to handle challenges they may have. A positive person would not be supporting such an outlandish and ludicrous statement. There is a method to my madness.

When I say give up, I mean give up the burdens in your life such as fear, worry, money anxieties, anger, hatred, envy and the more extreme emotion jealousy, and release them to God and Jesus to carry it. In a highly intense emotional state it is hard to make good intelligent decisions, in my humble opinion most of the bad things that happens to people occur when they are in a highly stressed situation. When you have absolute faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ your head will be clear and more stress free. And you will most likely make more rational decisions. Please do not misunderstand me I am not saying that bad things will not happen if you give yourself to the Divine Creator but that's been heavy so that you can not afford it.

When I look at my olive wood cross on my living room wall, I feel a very calm peaceful feeling knowing I have Jesus's divine love showing me the right path to travel on. When worry and fear start to consume your life, having the Lord carry that bourdon will have that feeling of tranquility. When you have peace in your life, you tend to have happiness and joy. When you do not, you have chaos and distractions dominating your peace of mind or sense of mental wellbeing.

One emotional and stress inducing obstacle people tend to put on themselves is money. When societies have a lack of money or more specifically do not appreciate what they do have, it can turn into bitter feelings. Such reactions as envy, jealously, hatred, and even anger presents itself when individuals feel like they did not get a fair shake in the material world. Money in of itself is just paper and metal coins, but the value that is placed on it sometimes brings out the envy and greed in people. It's been said that money "is the root of all evil" but that is not entirely accurate it is "the love of money that is the root of all evil." Do not get me wrong when I say that you should look down on money. I believe that everyone should make as much money as you can possibly make. Just keep some prospect in your life and do not have love or obsession for money dominate your life. When you are gone you can not take your cash and cool toys with you but the love for family, friends and your community will live with your spirit forever.

There are other hurdles in life that also give folks fits. Such difficulties include areas of love, working with difficult people or having loved ones battling a serious medical condition. When these challenges occur in life take that negative situation and release it to God . I'm not saying not to care, what I'm saying is to let God carry you through it.

In giving up, in this way, you are better equipped to handle most of what life serves to you. Many times in life what you perceive as the worst thing that can happen to you, in time, turns out to be a pivotal point in an improvement that outshined the way you're living before. An existence with Jesus is not always easy but it can be joyous.

Source by Frank Vidal


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