Sometimes we do marvel do not we? What's their problem? Why do they hate us? We do not like being hated do we. Yet preaching the truth brings about this response from people.

1 John 3:13
Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.

The reason for this is that every time they hear the Gospel it reminds them of their sin. It reminds them that they are not right with God. It pricks the heart and they do not like it.

I was in the same situation once when a fellow came around witnessing to me in the beginning. I used to live in a flat and parked at the kitchen table most of the time with the racing form guide, radio and cigarettes in front of me and from this position I could see outside the kitchen window which overlooked the car park.

When someone came to visit you could here they coming as their car had to go over a set of grates before entering the car park .. I would here the noise of the grains and look up to about once a month it would be this guy.

Oh no. As he was coming up the steps I could not hide. My car was out the back so he new I was home. He'd knock on the door and when I let him as quick as a flash he would have the Bible out and witnessing to me.

Then he'd go away and I'd be thinking about it that night and tossing and turning over it but then the guilt would go away until about a month later when this guy would show up again. And each time I hated seeing him. The words he was saying was really pricking my heart.

I knew I was not right with God and every time I saw this fellow it was reminding me of that. I did not like to be reminded of that. I preferred to keep my head in the sand. So when it was pointed out to me I did not like it, it pricked my heart.

And this is why sometimes we get such angry reactions. People see us and it pricks their hearts, it reminds them that they are not right with God. However some appreciate it and just like Lot was delivered from the world by correcteous Abraham so too can we assist in the delivery of many and bringing them into the place where they can have communion with Jesus Christ.

Source by Allan Wilson


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