Christmas day is fast approaching. We can feel its cold breeze and the people rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones, food to prepare for the Christmas Eve as well as new clothes and accessories we want to have as a reward to ourselves for the hard days of work we had. But do we know why certain decorations exist? How was was made? How it all started? Well, we love to know things especially those things we encounter more often, right? So here I am, gathering information for everyone. Let me share to you the most historical Christmas decoration.

As we all know, Christmas tree has been the center of all Christmas decorations worldwide. Small to medium to the tallest and largest Christmas tree are available in the market. But do we know how this tree began its journey? Christmas celebration tradition was all started at Germany in the 16th century. This was when Christians started to put some decorations on their trees inside their homes. This tradition had been passed on to the next generations until now. There have been many legends about Christmas tree. One is when Saint Boniface which is an English monk facilitated a Christian Church at Germany and France, when he saw a group of pagans at a great oak tree and was about to sacrifice a baby to their GOD known as Thor, he stopped the sacrifice by breaking the tree through his fist, and he saved the baby's life. On that place, a small fir tree was seen growing abundantly, and was said to be the tree of life.

The other one when a poor man met a lost and hungry child. Although he was very poor but he got the child something to eat and provided the shelter for that night. When he woke up the next day, he saw a shining, shimmering beautiful tree at his door. The child was known to be GOD in disguise. The tree was given to him by GOD for his good deed.

Needless to say, the Christmas tree was the most exquisite Christmas decoration of all time. It was said to be the symbol of Christmas anywhere in the world. No matter how simple your Christmas tree is, the most important thing is that you recognized HIM as your Creator and your Protector. The birthday of Jesus which is Christmas gives us newborn hope for the next years to come.

Source by Cricket O


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