As Christian minister and evangelist Dr. James White expands before his Christian audiences the content of his lengthy YouTube presentation, “Understanding Mormonism,” the pagan diorama of Mormon theology and doctrine is completely explicated in a very simple and personal fashion that leads the average viewing Christian, who is totally ignorant of genuine LDS theology, doctrine, and history, into an illuminated comprehension of the heretical religion. Yet, White does not convey the most disturbingly controversial aspect of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century Mormonism. That is, the deliberately designed façade of Christianity perpetrated upon the Bible-believing Christian world by the Mormon Church through the misrepresentation of its polytheistic theology and doctrines as conforming to biblical Trinitarian Christianity. While Dr. White clearly elucidates, with frequent and sometimes humorous anecdotes, the pagan processes set forth in the 1992 “LDS Marriage Manual” in achieving the ultimate destiny proclaimed for every worthy Mormon elder, that is, becoming as great as the Mormon heavenly father-god, with a capital G, through the cyclical process of being transformed, each and every one of them, into Mormon heavenly father-gods, with a capital G, he does not, in my opinion, sufficiently convey the profound deliberate deceit systematically practiced by the LDS Church in concealing this all-important theological information from the hundreds-of-thousands of Christian investigators of Mormonism contacted by the tens-of-thousands of ubiquitous full-time Mormon missionaries proselyting in the USA and in many foreign countries. The basis for this allegation is a comparison of the content of the uniform five-discussion presentation, which was designed in the late 1950s by the LDS Church for use by its full-time Mormon missionaries, with the 1992 LDS Marriage Manual and “Lesson 21 – Man May Become Like God,” from the 1984 LDS Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide, “Search These Commandments.”

Though the scripted content of the full-time missionary discussions has been changed in form over the decades of the 20th Century since its origination, the basic misrepresentative substance of the discussions has not been changed in the slightest degree. A Christian investigator can begin the discussions with two Mormon missionaries and, with usually one discussion per week, can have them completed in a period of five weeks, or less (depending upon how quickly the Mormon missionaries prompt the investigator to have the discussions). The designed purpose of the discussions was, and continues to be, to delude Christian investigators into believing that Mormonism is Christian, biblical, and Trinitarian in basic nature, to match the basic theology written into the pages of the Book of Mormon, and for them to emerge from the discussions feeling that Mormonism is not that different from Protestant biblical theology.

Of course, every living human being on earth has the natural freedom and liberty to believe what they want to believe and to worship the deity in whom they have faith. Though this liberty is not allowed in numerous tyrannical countries around the world, it is not inherently based upon the laws of human governments, but, instead, upon natural law and the natural rights of humankind, which are protected in the United States through the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. If any man or woman in the USA wants to worship a tree, an animal, or an idol, they have that privilege according to the dictates of their conscience. None the less, no organized corporate religion, such as Mormonism, has the liberty and right, protected by law, to intentionally and deliberately deceive American citizens into believing that what is basically polytheistic and totally different from monotheistic Christianity is, instead, biblical and Christian. This is what Dr. James White left out of his YouTube presentation, “Understanding Mormonism,” which goes to the heart of Latter-day Saint beliefs. You must first understand that Mormonism is an extremely pragmatic and deceptive hierarchical religion that persists in its leaders practicing the process of “lying for the Mormon lord.” From the advent of the Mormon Church, on April 6, 1830, until the present-day, the Mormon strategy for missionary work has been to deceive non-Mormons, and their own rank-and-file membership, into accepting the changing theology of its ever-changing maze-like organization. The Mormon hierarchy, the presiding LDS prophet, apostles, and their direct representatives (called general authorities) formally established under the reign of the second Mormon prophet, Brigham Young, the standing rule that non-Mormons do not know what is good for them, and, therefore, must be pragmatically induced into accepting Mormonism through gross misrepresentation of theology and doctrine. Yes, these supposedly honorable men really believe and practice this rule. These Mormon pragmatists fully realized early-on that if their full-time missionaries taught the true Mormon theology (practiced while the Mormon Church was a theocracy in the Utah Salt Lake Valley) according to the theology proclaimed in the foregoing “Lesson 21” and the Mormon Marriage Manual (which still comprise vital teachings of the Mormon theology), that Bible-believing 20th and 21st Century Christians would not even consider being baptized into the Mormon Church. And this is the sole purpose of the Mormon full-time and ward missionary programs, to baptize men and women into the Mormon Church. For the Mormon corporation’s missionary force to induce human beings to accept their false representations of Mormon theology, doctrine, and history, to be baptized, and subsequently pay the LDS Church a full-tithing of their income, is basically illegal according to State and federal law in the USA. Historically, the practice of lying to non-Mormons around the world by the Mormon elders (those men, a lay ministry, who are ordained to the LDS Melchizedek Priesthood), who hold themselves out to be missionaries, has been a means of increasing the membership of their church. For example, a false section was pragmatically placed into the Mormon scripture, the “Doctrine and Covenants,” by the order of Joseph Smith, Jr.’s successor, Brigham Young in 1848, which was intended to make non-Mormons in Europe and Scandinavia believe that the LDS Church abhorred, and did not practice, polygamy. This was Section 101, which was later removed very quietly, in 1865, from that book of Mormon scripture when a substantial number of convert Mormons were deceived and baptized in those foreign countries, and later immigrated to the Salt Lake, Utah Valley. This accounted historically for the unbridled pragmatism of Mormonism, that the successful end-result of any act to increase the membership of the LDS Church justified the means used to achieve it. The object of the pragmatism was to get people baptized as members. Then, and only then, could those new Mormons be led, one-step-at-a-time, to understand, accept, and practice real Mormon theology.

The reason I know the foregoing to be true and correct is because I spent 30 long years, from 1970 to 2000, doing exactly that, deceiving people, as a Mormon missionary, into believing that Mormonism is Christian and based upon New Testament Christianity. In those 30 years, I induced sixty-five Christians to forsake their true and abiding faith in Jesus and his holy word, the Holy Bible, and to be baptized into the LDS Church. According to LDS Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Spencer W. Kimball, in 1983, I had been zealously true to the Mormon priesthood oath by bringing sixty-five “tithe-payers” into the Mormon Church; for it was Kimball who proclaimed in that same year that “converts are the life’s blood of the church,” and equated the life’s blood of the church with increased church revenue through the tithing of these deceived converts. I sincerely hope that this article will help Christian ministers and all true disciples of Jesus realize that a great focus needs to be made on those susceptible Christian men and women, who are lukewarm in their faith in the Holy Bible and in the saving grace of our Savior, Jesus and are prime-pickings for recruitment into Mormonism through its evil deception. Convincing true-blue Latter-day Saints of the error of their ways can, of course, be done. Yet, such is much more difficult than persuading Christians that Mormon theology is as polytheistic and unchristian as ancient Greek mythology.

While it remains to be true that millions of Latter-day Saints have resigned, and continue to resign, from Mormonism since the advent of the Internet-age, over 100,000 Christian and non-Christian men and women are recruited into the Mormon Church every calendar year from the communities of Christians around the world, especially in the USA. During the current year 2018, a total of approximately 100,000 people is expected to accept Mormonism as presented by Mormon full-time missionaries, and to be baptized into the cult. Is Mormonism a 12 million people cult? According to the Billy Graham BGEA website, the Mormon Church was changed from the status of a cult on that website to a Christian Church through the effort of Franklin Graham. This was done in the year 2012 through the political influence of Mormon Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney on Graham and his father, Billy Graham. Yet, the enumerated characteristics of a cult are still succinctly published on the same BGEA Internet website, and fully describe the LDS Church as a non-Christian cult. I have always believed in the aphorism that, “if a thing looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has all of the other characteristics of a duck, the thing must be a duck.” Consequently, despite all of the disguising and disgusting rhetoric produced by Mormon apologists to make a Christian silk purse out of the pagan sow’s ear that Mormonism remains to be, the evil danger of Mormonism to Christian faith remains viable and a threat to the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.

Source by Norton Nowlin


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