In this Earth plane guides are available for you and will come at various times in your life if you are open to them. Guides have specific tasks and bring specific knowledge with them. Depending on what you are trying to achieve or are doing at that moment will determine how long a guide may walk with you on your path. Guides come in many forms. They could be beloved teachers or gurus with what you study. They could be teachers of the past who teachings are still meaningful to you now. They could be a writers or speakers whose work is always impactful to you.

Guides come into your life when you need specific questions answered. If you are looking for answers it is not uncommon for you to encounter that perfect guide with just the right information and probably a whole lot more to offer. Guides are not always perfect beings. But they can be reflections of what you are seeking or ways of being that you wish to attain or that you wish to move away from. Guides can and do come to you in dreams or meditation as well. Many people follow the guidance from channeled guides such as Ramtha, Seth, the Pleidians or Native Americans

If you are open to guides of many forms you could encounter children who are guides such as the "psychic children," who are precocious beyond their years like Matty who was on the Oprah Winfrey show and was a brilliant poet, and communicator at seven years old. He wrote a book or two on poetry and frequently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. He died of a degenerative disease at eleven or twelve years old but not before he impacted millions of people with his words of wisdom and love. He was a brilliant star and certainly a guide to many people. His message was to be more open, love each other, not to be afraid of anything, and to live every moment as if it were your last.

On many occasions, Native American guides have personally led me through healing rituals. Through the years many guides have come to me including animal guides such as horses, bears, wolves, dogs, a crab, birds, cats, and a lion each with information important and relevant to me and the situation at that time. Some of the animals have come as protector guides. The fact they have walked with me was a moment that I needed greater protection. Their strength, speed, instinct or cunning has been an attribute to emulate or to support me through a particular challenging encounter. You will have the assistance of many such guides along your path as well.

Source by Katheryn Hoban


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