Love is the most sublime and noble concept that man has ever formulated. However, who has fully understood its real meaning? Jesus said, "Love your enemies". In fact does anyone love his enemies? Will there be enemies for a person who really loves? The Bible also teaches, "Love your neighbor as yourself" There is another question pops up- 'who is your neighbor? Therefore, the concept of love is also the most complex idea that man has ever coined.

Love is the mother of all other virtues. Compassion, hope, faith, tolerance, patience, humility, perseverance, modesty, and nobility all these virtues originate from it. Is love a feeling? If that, even lust would become a manifestation of love. Is there anything like 'unconditional love'? Is such a love attainable to a mere human being? We all love within the parameters of our culture, personality traits, dogma, ethical background, principles in life, and so on.

As I said in one of my articles, the pure love is love itself. We should become love. We do not love anyone. What we must do is to be love. To be love itself and it is inefficient. Language is an imperfect tool in defining such a love. It transcends the mundane realm and elevates one beyond him to other horizons of knowledge, being and life. Love is not a thing or commodity. The sad story of modern culture is that love has become commercialized. It is sold for money, power and prestige. It has degenerated into the status of a mere commodity. Thus its values ​​are also fluctuating. In fact, love is priceless. It is priceless because we have nothing to compare with it.

To conclude, will there be a century in human history where such a pure love exists? Will it remain a utopian idea which exists only in heaven? And if such a time happens how our lives would be? Will there be any sufferings in such a world? Will there be any terrorism or war? Will there be corruption, poverty and discrimination? Will not it be a paradise where peace, serenity and happiness hover around?

Source by Bijosh Vathalloor


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