Have you heard the saying that you should live your life as an open book? In the world today that is probably a good idea. It has always been true that everything that is hidden comes to light but in our world today it looks to come to light much quicker. The internet has made sure of that. The positives and the negatives of our lives will be read by someone. Some choices we make good or bad can have long term consequences. People's private lives and things they have done in the past come back later to affect their opportunities, political aspirations and finances.

Living your life as an open book is not new. Just think, after all these years we are still reading about Jesus, Moses, Samson, Solomon, David, Paul and many others. We are still reading in the Bible about the things that they did right and the things that they did wrong. We are taking their life examples to help us make the right decisions and choices. We try to learn from their mistakes so we will not have to learn the hard way. We use their lives to encourage us. Do you think, they thought, they were living their lives as a pattern for us? They were living their lives as an open book.

We should be living our lives as an open book, so our children and the people who are watching us do not have to learn everything the hard way. They need to learn from our wisdom instead of their consequences. When the people in your life talk to other about you, what will they say? Will your life inspire someone? Will your life encourage someone? Will your life guide, teach or be an example for someone one day? You never know. Let me suggest and advise that if you are not living your life as an open book, start now; someone is going to read it.

Source by Crystal Dotson


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