Jesus says: "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man can go to the Father but by me." And Satan says: "There are many ways of getting into heaven, it's not necessary by Jesus". But funny enough, a lot of the world's population believes in the deceiver and therefore drifting away from the way. I want to ask you a question dear: "Is there anything that can lead us to the Father but Christ Jesus Our Lord?" certainly not. Knowing Christ Jesus is: knowing the Father, for whoever the Father draws to the son, the son also reveals to him / her the Father. Hidden truths were revealed to children like me and you that we may know the way of the Father and live it. How funny it is to see some people choosing to believe in a lie rather than the truth of Our Father. You know what dear, I made my way past some youths playing cards and suddenly I heard one of them say: "Even Jesus turned water into wine". It did hurt me a lot for just two very simple reasons: why do many blaspheme the holy name of our Lord? The devil has stolen the hearts of many. I was stuck in my mind that the devil have worked way so hard but I exclaimed with a loud voice saying: "Satan, I know that you've worked so hard destroying many but as worried, we will win back all that salvation is prepared for ".

O dear, it is an undeniable truth that Jesus Christ Our Lord is the only way to the Father; in all truth, without him there is no life. I was ministering to a Muslim one day and then he told me: "look! The Jesus you're talking about, I've read everything about him in the Quran." "Well that's funny." I replied. "If you've done so, then did you ever discover that Jesus is the only way to the Father?" I asked. He went like: "O dear, first there is no possibility that the Christ could be the son of Allah and thereafter, the only way. such ". And then I told him: "If your Quran has failed to teach you this truth, then your Quran stands incomplete". He got lived and asked me to clam-up so he can take some rest. Indeed, this extract is very beautiful to remember; without Christ Jesus Our Lord, we will forever be in doubt but in him, we all are certain of this truth. The beauty of his holiness clothes us with so much perfection that all our works gives him praise; His wisdom, perfects our understanding such that when we speak, we speak the words that even 'scholars' and the intellect do not understand. Trusting Jesus as he way to the Father is the only sure way of living our imperfect lives pleasing Our Father. [Whisper] Do you know that Jesus is the only true way to Our Father?

Do you remember that Christ Jesus Our Lord told us to be perfect in our living just as our heavenly Father is perfect? How do you think you can achieve it? Glory is to God Our Father who saved his beloved son to show us an example with his life, demonstrating how to be perfect. He showed us the way; for he was the way. First he asked us: "Rest all your cares and worries and burdens and everything that stress you, and take a rest in me. me, and learn from me; I'll lead you in every way, to the finish of your voyage. "

Is there any way to the Father other than through Our Lord Jesus Christ as the devil supposes? In truth, if there is, I do not know but I would have been confused as of the time I was called. But dear, are you aware that there are more people as all time past who are more confused as ever? Let me let you in on something that happened not long ago: 'I was led by the Spirit to the street to meet a brother who happened to have come there to beg for alms. It is funny to recognize how I decided passing like any other person but this brother just rushed on me and asked me to give him some money; indeed, I was filled with so much compassion. I just stood by him and asked him because he had not been to church, because it was our Lord's Day: Sunday. He went like: "why do I need to be at church? I do not go to church." I asked his name, where he stays and why he was begging for alms on the streets since he was strong enough to work. He did not seem to have any answer to these questions so I just dropped it and went ahead to explain to him the goodness of Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ being the only true way to the Father. He asked me again: "I know nothing about God, who is God?" I took much more time to explain to him Our Father being a loving God and Christ Jesus his son being the only true way to Our Father and when he wanted to leave, I left him with this message: "dear, consider giving your life to Christ, and join a church, the loving family of Our Father ".

O dear, what do you think? There are many of our dear brothers and sisters who likewise do not know anything about Our Lord Jesus Christ; therefore if you're a minister of the word, work hard at the trust committed to you, and if you're not a minister by duty, then please, never cease witnessing about our Lord so that all might be saved. In Jesus Christ Our Lord, if all other things fail, his love will keep us in his perfect peace; His strength is what gives us support and we will diligently seek his will at all times that he be glorified by the Father; Jesus is the only way and on that way we will forever thrive for we are confident that his way will not fail us and we will forever walk in it, teaching all others that they too may share the joy that dwells in it.

Source by Wilfred Tunyira


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