For almost two months I have been reading and studying and researching in the letter to the Hebrew Christians and this is part of my findings.

We read in Hebrews Chapter 11, where faith is defined and defined accurately and splendidly, and where we go on to read of real people who had real faith, and this faith resolved in actions.

They did things for God. They were sure. They were certain, and that is what Jesus Christ offers us when we come to Him. He gives an assurance and a sure certainty.

We saw faith 'offering' in the life of Abel, and faith 'walking' in the interesting life of Enoch, and faith in fellowship with God, as we read of that amazing character Noah.

We saw faith co-operating with God as with Noah, and we saw faith receiving life from the dead as Abraham prepared to offer his one and only son.

Faith will make you do things. Faith will make you take risks.

Faith will motivate you to go along a road which has never gone walked before, and you will find Jesus Christ walking with you.

We looked at Isaac the son of Abraham, and the father sends the servant to get a bride for the son.

Do read Hebrews Chapter 11, and the relevant background scripture passage in Genesis. The reward is awesome and the blessing is real. This letter is written to Messianic Jews and their number is on the increase in the present times as more and more Jews are coming to see Jesus Christ was and is the Messiah. I understand that many Muslims too are coming to see who Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God.

God the Father send the Holy Spirit to prepare the bride the Church for the Son Jesus Christ, who is the bridegroom, and we saw gifts being offered and received.

The Holy Spirit is holding out gifts to us and we have to receive these gifts and learn to use them and how to use them.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, take their rightful place in this Chapter, and God has chosen to be identified with these three men. They were not ashamed of Him and He was not accused of them.

We can then study Jacob, whose name is changed to Israel, and his twelve sons, and we learn that Jacob is a worshiper to the end.

We move on to Joseph. These verses say very little about Joseph, but we are reminded that he was a man of faith, despite terrible things happened to him.

Joseph was sold by his brothers and yet, after many trials and temptations he rose, via prison, to become Prime Minister of Egypt.

He rescued that nation in a time of famine, and upheaval and turmoil, and he fed his own family.

Joseph is a picture of the man of God in the world. He is the man of God in Egypt, in the world, serving and being blessed by the living God what he served. Joseph was used by Almighty God in miraculous ways.

He was re-united with his family, and he looked some 400 years down the corridor of time, to speak prophetically of that day when Israel would be set free from Egypt and slavery and bondage.

These men were powerful leaders, each in his own way and for his determined time.

We so need good leaders and exemplary leadership today. We so need men who are led by and inspired by the living God. Then situations may be rescued and circumstances may be rectified, but it will require strong strong effective leadership with a supernatural element involved if the difficulties are to be overcome.

Sandy Shaw

Source by Sandy Shaw


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