Grass as green as a ripe lime, the field boundaries freshly painted and the goal post stand strong in the soaring winds that tested them. The moon was out watching over the pitch as if it was watching over the field. A song played that represented the country as 22 players stack side by side separated by 3 referees. Soon after a whistle was blown and kickoff commenced. It was a final between two rival enemies that represented the same town. North York Cosmos the team that was blue and North York Spartacus the team that worn red. This game would decide what color the region would be until the two guys met again. It was the final for the Ontario Cup both teams worked hard to get up to this moment, no handouts were given. I've dreamed about this moment for the whole season, it was my goal to win this game and I had finally reached the stage to do it. My first touch on the ball was in the 2nd minute I had a one on one outside the top left corner of the 18 yard box with the left back on the other team. I knew the player fairly well he was right footed and was bad that transitioning towards his side side so if I was able to beat him I would be clear. I did one step over and he came in with a crunching tackle catching ankle on his way through the ball. It was a no call but I was unable to run, the ball was put out of play and my coach ran on the field to help deal with the injury. He would believe me unable to continue and I was taken off the field for the rest of the first half. Tears started to fill my eyes as I watched my team carry on the game without me.

The pain in my ankle began to diminish and I felt ready to go back on the field. I tapped my coach on the shoulder and said "I'm ready" with the determination in my voice my coach without hesitation signaled to the lines man for a substitution on the next out. I than returned back into the game, starting off slow because I could still feel a bit of pain in my ankle. The adrenaline than got to me I was back moving at full speed sending crosses and beat defenders to 50/50 balls. The game was tied 0-0 after 90 minutes and now we're headed to penalty shoot outs. I was first to step up and I placed the ball on a patch of grass so that I would get a clean strike. I barred it in the bottom left corner. The parents and players on my team cheered. It was now up to my goalie to go big and make a save for us. They scored their first attempt. Micheal stepped up to take the second penalty. He hit it right off the bottom right post and in. It was a close call. The other team now needs to score to tie it up. Our goalie makes a big stop right down the middle. We can now win it, with just one kick of the ball. Chris steps up places the ball and sent it right into the top right corner of the net and it is all over. North York is blue. I woke up the next morning still in unbelief almost as if it was all a dream.

Source by Emmanuel Nwankwo


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