Identifying the Foundational Truths of Christian Living

“Discovering the Basic Truths of Christianity” presents essential theology in an easy to read and understand format. Well known author and speaker, Larry Kreider, uses modern day stories, personal experiences and Biblical passages to help the reader discover the basics for building a solid spiritual foundation.

Kreider has arranged his work six sections. The first section addresses Jesus Christ as Lord and what it means to be a Christian. In section two he discusses the new life of the believer and includes fundamental principles of the Christian life.

Section three explains New Testament Baptisms. Kreider recognizes that there are different interpretations in this area and that this sometimes causes controversy, particularly when dealing with the subject of water Baptism and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He then proceeds to objectively express his observations. For the most part Kreider adheres to the position of most evangelical theologians. His view on Holy Spirit Baptism is more in line with charismatic teaching, however without being dogmatic in his point of view. His line of reasoning of view is thought provoking and convincing.

Section four, five and six talk about: building for eternity, freedom from the curse of sin, and living in and experiencing personally God’s transforming grace.

I found the reflection questions included with each chapter to be thought provoking, stimulating and often convicting. The short poignant stories that illustrate Christian principles like: Making Jesus Lord in our lives, understanding the terms of discipleship and the cost of commitment, and experiencing victory over sin in our lives were relevant and provide personal application for everyday Christian living. The end-notes are an excellent source of reference for future study.

Kreider’s writing conveys the delight of awakening to God-given truth. His writing is resolute, well thought-out, and pertinent. Rich in spiritual content, the book presents a life changing message, of repentance, and renewal with a warning against apathy and compromise. It is sound in scriptural teaching, with a solid Biblical foundation.

This is a book that will resonate with new believers and is easily adapted to use as a tool for mentoring by more mature Christians.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978-0768427466,

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Source by Richard R Blake


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