Visualize a cruise ship traveling at 15 knots or 18 nautical miles per hour on a destination that determined by plans and decisions made a long time ago. The course was set and all the current actions and momentum is taking this ship through the waters that will take it to its originally intended destination.

Now imagine that the captain of the ship begins to realize through reports and from what he is observing that this previously intended destination could have been detrimental to the ship and all its passengers.

Currently they are sustaining some negative effects on the ship and the weather conditions have become inclusion. The great news is that there is still time to change the ship's direction.

Obviously the captain can not just flip the ship in the opposite direction, it will take some time and careful planning to make this course correction. First, he must decide what his new direction will be, and next identify the course for his new intended location. Only then can he move forward again to his new destination FULL STEAM AHEAD.

We share this with you to illustrate that this is what happens when we begin to become aware of changes we desire to make in our own lives.

Up until now, we have created similar momentum to that of a cruise ship that is the result of years of us traveling in a certain direction. Some times this place we find ourselves in is not exactly what we had originally imagined. Possibly we are doing work that no longer inspires us, or our relationships are suffering on some level and lacking passion, maybe our health is at a low level.

However, because we have been traveling in this direction for so long it became very familiar and comfortable to us that we never again considered where we were going. We became very involved in the responsibilities of running 'our' ship. Somehow we failed to look ahead to see if that course is still taking us where we intended to go.

Many times people discover they have gone off course. How is the course you are on? Have you arrived at your intended destination? If not it's time to change your course and redirect your ship, your life.

Please know that just like the ability of the ship to change direction; it takes some time to turn your life's course around because just like the ship you have created some serious momentum. It's important to slow down and make the necessary adjustments to begin to redirect the ship of your life.

If you are in a place where you have become aware that there are things in your life that you would like to change and some direction changes you would like to make, please give the Universe time to help you create new momentum. When you commit to examining your intentions and fine tuning your course of direction then you will start once again to move full steam ahead !!

Imagine a ship making its course change. Clearly, there will be some changes in the engine sounds and possibly some additional disturbance in the water as it changes course. It will be necessary for the captain to stay steadfast and mindful to be sure he is making the proper adjustments to his navigational equipment. So it is with us as well.

Disturbances may happen when you make a course change in your life. Your mindfulness and awareness are of paramount importance. You must use your sensory acuity, your navigational equipment so you can redirect and set sail for your newly mapped out destination. Be mindful that it will take some time to redirect the ship of your life and arrive at your new destination.yet this is a very exciting process, a time to celebrate!

Source by Donna Visco


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