Worship leader resources are all across the internet, but are they all equally helpful to those leading worship in their local church? If you are starting to lead worship, then you do not need an endless list of new songs, but concise, easy to apply material that you can use starting this Sunday.

As a praise leader you need to not only sing or play, but also to choose songs and styles. You need to learn how to lead your congregation as well as manage your team (often one of the biggest challenges you will face). In short, you need tried and true resources that really work, and work fast!

With this in mind, here is my Top 5 Worship Leader Resources, ones which have proven to be an asset in my own development as well as the many people we are in touch with around the globe.

5. Instrument Training

While not strictly the leading of worship, this is one of the resources that is often overlooked. Many leaders do not play an instrument, and so they lack understanding of music, how it works and how songs can be arranged and produced. Yet with some simple and inexpensive training, you could play a basic guitar within a week or two, and suddenly you can communicate with your band and direct your worship far more effectively. Worship Guitar is an excellent site to check out in this regard.

4. Worship Leading Podcasts

Worship leading podcasts are a fantastic way to learn. Fun, relevant and something you can put on your ipod and listen to as you drive, mow the lawn or anything else. I encourage all young worship leaders to check out these podcasts and immerse themselves in worship leading as much as they can. We often learn while we are not even aware of it, and our worship leader podcast is one example of fun and craziness being added to your worship leader resources.

3. Personal Devotions

Often overlooked but highly important, keeping your life with Jesus deep and close is absolutely essential if you want to learn how to become a leader of power!

2. Worship Online Training

Our experience is that online training is more effective than attending worship conferences. You can access the material any time you want, you can read and apply little by little and, most importantly, you can go over the material again and again until you absorb exactly what you need in your situation. It really is the ultimate in worship leader resources, and it is a lot cheaper than going to a conference!

1. Join a Worship Community

Perhaps the best example of worship leader resources is joining a community of those who are leading praise and worship. This way you can access blogs, podcasts, forum and all sorts of things, and communicate with other worship leaders around the world. You can email, comment and ask questions … all from your own home, and make friends all around the world.

To become a better leader in praise and worship and to grow in your chosen craft, you need to harness the power of these inexpensive yet immensely powerful worship leader resources.

Source by Darin Browne


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