In this article we are going to focus on the dynamic concept of the chakras. To clarify, almost all references that you will come across to opening, balancing, healing, energizing, clearing or meditating on, the chakras, are referring to the dynamic concept and not the yogic / Tantric concept. These two concepts are quite different and incompatible as components of a single system. Most writings and descriptions of the chakras indiscriminarily blend components from each of these two different concepts of the chakras. Most of the information is simply a repetition of the same misunderstandings and confusions.

The point I am wanting to convey here, is that perception and interpretation of the chakras is from a state of relativity. So if we look at two reputable and contemporary exponents of chakra concepts, like Barbara Ann Brennan, and Carolyn Myss, for example, we find both similarities and significant differences. This does not mean that one is right and the other is wrong, it is simply an example of the relativity of human experience of the chakras. Both of these womens work and systemologies have validity and credibility. They have both interpreted the dynamic energy system of the chakras from the unique perspective of their individual perception.

Let's continue by listing the seven main chakras of the dynamic system as they are broadly agreed upon. From top to bottom located near the major nerve plexuses of the body.

Chakra center seven – Crown

Chakra center six – 3rd eye – brow

Chakra center five – throat

Chakra center of four – heart

Chakra center three – solar plexus

Chakra center two – navel

Chakra center one – perineum

But what do the chakras do? And how? Barbara Ann Brennan's view is that the "chakras function as intake organs for energy from the universal energy field ……. The energy taken in and metabolized through each chakra is sent to the parts of the body located in the median nerve plexus area closest to each. " While Caroline Myss says "Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. can arise. "

My own experience is that the dynamic chakra system act both as energy portals from the minority bodies into the physical body, and into the stored contents of the subconscious mind. We can also see them as a vibrational scale, from the lowest vibrational frequencies at the base chakra, to the highest vibrational frequencies at the Crown chakra and beyond. It is not my experience though that the spiritual process follows an ascending clearing of the chakras from base to crown. The karmic energies held in the subconscious are tangled and interwoven in many patterns between the different centers.

A process of clearing may for example begin in the second chakra weave through the heart, the throat, before descending to the third chakra at the solar plexus. This is because karmic energy can be woven from multiple dimensions of experience and hold different levels of vibrational frequency. Again from my own experience of many years doing healing work, the heart chakra is almost always impacted, and a central key in the process of healing.

Barbara Ann Brennan is unique in attributing different qualities to the front and rear energy vortices of chakras two through six. In her model of the dynamic chakras a front funnel of chakras two to five are feeling centers. The rear funnel of centers two to five are will centers. And both front and rear of chakra six along with the crown chakra are mental centers.

The 7 major Dynamic Chakras

The first or base chakra, located between the sex and anus, is associated with the first layer of the energy field or aura. They relate to automatic and automatic functioning as well as physical functioning and physical sensation. It directly relates to the will to live, to be 'here' in the body, on the earth, and issues of physical survival.

The second chakra, hara or sacral is located below the area of ​​the belly-button and relates to the second layer of the aura. They are associated with the feelings, emotions, sensuality and sexuality. This is the center of personal power, self image and money. It is easy to see then how sexuality – power – self image and money gets so confusingly entwined.

The third, solar plexus chakra, is located unsurprisingly around the region of the solar plexus in the opening of the lower ribs, and is related to the third layer of the aura. They are associated with will, and the lower mental or linear thinking mind. It holds the mental dimension of self image and self esteem. This Chakra is closely connected with the nervous system, as such it is the primary place of holding fear in the body.

The heart chakra positioned in the center of the chest, at or above the level of the breastbone, is linked to the fourth layer of the aura. They are related to all aspects of love and compassion and the emergence of higher will. This chakra is quite literal at the center of our being, it holds the essence of our humanity and the meeting of spirit and form.

The throat chakra is found above the hollow of the throat, relating to the fifth layer of the aura, and they are associated with, communication, and Divine will, the expression of the truth. It's here that we undergo the surrender of personal will.

The sixth, brow chakra positioned in the center of the forehead slightly above eye level, relates to the sixth layer of the aura. They are associated with light, the intuitive mind and psychic perception. Here is a capacity to visualize a conceptualize, it is the seat of the higher mind and creativity.

The crown chakra at the top of the head, relates to the seventh layer of the aura, they are associated with connection to the divine and direct knowing. It is the place of spiritual integration with the personality.

I hope at this point is it's clear that the associations with the different chakras above are by no means definitive. You will note that I have not attributed colors, crystals and the like. Instead I invite you to explore and to discover for yourself. You may find that over time your perception changes. Just as every person on the planet is unique, so too is in every chakra. So again I invite you to explore with an open mind, to use your own sense and feeling where for example a particular crystal might resonate in you – should you be so inclined. Remember that life itself is a dynamic process, constantly in movement and our dynamic chakras are constantly moving with it.

Source by Ray Baskerville


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