I mentioned Sean in another one of my articles, the story of a young future boy that we were taking care of. Sean's father was my ex-wife's uncle, and they were going through some tough times for a while and their three children ended up as wards of the state. We eventually ended up taking the oldest child because he was the hardest one to place and another home. His brother and sister ended up with a family that wanted to adopt them and ever Sean went to live with them and I believe all three of them were adopted by this family. I do not know this for a fact though.

Sean was a emotionally damaged child. His parents would punish him with some strange and bizarre punishments. They were not really physical punishments but seemed to leave the emotional scars on him and I often thinking about where he is and what he is doing.

We watched him for about a year and I learned quite a bit from this young man. He was in the third grade but was still at the first grade level for reading and math. I would spend a couple of hours each night during the week helping him with his schoolwork, I seem to have created some sort of allusion that I would be able to bring him up to the third grade level within a short period of time. Wrong. He must've had learning disabilities and of course I do not think I was that good teacher.

Sean was easy going, polite and extremely obedient. He would do anything to avoid getting in trouble and often blamed others for his mistakes. His punishments must have been more than he could bear before he arrived at our home. I think you're getting the picture about what kind of a child Sean was.

One day I found myself in a dilemma with Sean, I could not get him to tell me the truth, even though I knew he was lying. I forget what the problem was but I remember a hollow look in his face. It was almost like he was not really there. It was almost like he was just doing time, sitting on the bed, listening to me asking the same question over and over again, "Sean are you lying", but he was not even paying attention.

I normally would not punish my children for accidents, and never tolerated lying. I was trying to explain to him that he was not going to get in trouble, I just wanted to know the truth. He was not budging at all and stuck to his story. I remembered that his mother and father were Catholics and feared the church, almost as much as they loved it.

That's what I came up with my evil plan. I do not know where I come up with these ideas, but every once in a while one pops up in my head and I run with it.

I told Sean that I was going to bring the Holy Bible in, and if he could swear on the Bible that he was telling the truth, I would accept that and this would be the end of our conversation. I could not believe my eyes, as he started crying and screaming, frantically and excitedly as a yelled out, I did it, I did it, do not bring the Bible in, I will not do it again.

I could not believe that was all it took to get information from him. I have always been a pretty good interrogator and found myself gathering information from those people easily, but this was amazing. His fear of the Holy Bible got me thinking about how powerful this book actually is to some people. I remember when I looked upon this book, pretty much the same as Sean did.

It's just a book, like any other book. It's not made at a holy factory or a secret monastery in the Swiss Alps somewhere, it's made from paper and ink and can be damaged and destroyed like other books. I would have surprised if I thread the Bible into the fire, that it would not burn. I would be even more surprised, if I saw three men standing in the fire, wait a minute that's another story in the Bible.

Is it possible for this book to actually control the lives of people. It seemed to control Sean, I wonder if I, could actually have been driving a nail home that his parents started. Could I have added to his belief, that the Bible is a book from God the creator of everything.

Source by Gregory Vanden Berge


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