Some 350 years ago, our faithful reformed forefathers in Scotland took hold of the covenant of grace in their National Covenant, by this means fulfilling their duty and privilege as Christ's witnessing church in the British Isles. Thus was born the Second, or Covenanted Reformation of religion in those Isles, sustained and greatly furthered by the swearing of the Solemn League and Covenant five years later. The latter "covenanted uniformity of religion" undergirded the work of the famous Westminster Assembly, and bound the covenanting churches and nations to the adoption and implementation of that Assembly's work (the Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms, Directory for Public Worship, and Form of Church-Government). Sadly, of these churches and nations Scotland was most faithful to pay her vows, and only for a brief time. In 1650, a deadly, Church-dividing blow was treated by the majority of backsliding civil and ecclesiastical leaders in their support of the "Public Resolutions." England and Ireland had already broken their sacred bond. The next four decades were times of bitter and often unrelenting trial for the faithful, protesting remnant (which included such men as Samuel Rutherford, Archibald Johnston of Warriston, James Guthrie, Patrick Gillespie, John Brown of Wamphray, Robert M, Ward, William Guthrie , Donald Cargill, Richard Cameron, and James Renwick), who themselves by God's grace were unrelenting in their test against the covenant-breaking Resolutioners and the flaws in Church and State. Although the merciless persecution by the civil and ecclesiastical tyrants ended with the Reformation-condemning Revolution settlement of 1688, the blessed but short-lived Covenanted Reformation has been, and continues to be, opposed by many, ignored by or unknown to others, and embraced and loved by only a few faithful, who, like their fathers (and unlike the RPCNA today) really wear the name, "Covenantanter."

There have been many in the last three centuries who have gloriously praised the work of the Westminster Assembly, yet there has been at best only an incomplete adherence to the Assembly's doctrine and practice. Many factors have contributed to this, of which the foremost must certainly be our wretched failure to receive the love of the truth. Consequently, our righteous God has given the people and nations professing His name over to a greater blindness, in keeping with His fearful threats in the Scriptures (2 Thess. 2: 10-12; Rom. 1:28; etc.). This "judicial blindness" has led to an increased preaching, publishing, and practicing of numerous errors condemned by our forefathers as Popish on the one hand, and schismatic and Independent on the other, in so-called "Protestant," "Reformed," and "Presbyterian" churches. Richard Bacon exemplifies this dreadful dynamic in our day.

As we see, then, our quarrel goes back over three hundred years – and really, back to the dawn of the human race. Our contending is for nothing less than the Crown Rights – the comprehensive Crown Rights – of the blessed promised Seed, the Lord Jesus Christ, which are denied, trampled, and usurped on all sides. The Serpent and his seed through the millennia have unceasingly bought and walked to strip the Lamb of God of his due honor and glory in Church and State. The Lamb and his followers have continuously met them in battle, being made strong through his Spirit and Word, and through his might "casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ "(2 Cor. 10: 5). By such faithful contentions, God has graciously gifted two major Reformations in days past: we stand willingly in need of a third. There is great cause for rejoicing in Zion, however, for an increasing number of God's people are beginning to be awakened, and to return to the blessed biblical attainments of the Covenanted Reformation. We are hopeful that the prayers of the faithful Covenanters of old are being answered: that the rediscovery of their precious principles and practices are nothing less than a prologue to the third reformation and the worldwide overthrow of Antichrist.

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