How an non believer found that God exists?


A personal message from an atheist who was satisfied no god exists, and what info led to God.

God Exists


Nonsecular folks appeared aggravated by my query, “How are you aware that God exists?”

Maybe they questioned about my motives. Or perhaps they’d no thought methods to reply. Most of their responses have been, “Properly, you simply know.”

I wasn’t attempting to be troublesome. However, I actually didn’t “simply know.” And I hoped somebody did!

After many months of this, I assumed, “Listed here are the individuals who say they consider in God, however, nobody is aware of why!” It was like studying the reality about Santa Claus. It appeared apparent that God was fully fabricated. Perhaps some folks wanted to consider in God however clearly there was no proof. No goal proof. I got here to essentially the starkest conclusion…God didn’t truly exist.

I held this perception for years, not anticipating it to ever change. However, then I met somebody who precipitated me to change into within the risk of God. She was caring, form, and really clever. It bothered me that somebody that clever may consider in God.

She talked about God like he was her closest good friend. She was satisfied he deeply liked her. I knew her life effectively. Any concern she would take to God, trusting him to work it out or look after her indirectly.

She would inform me, fairly candidly, that she was merely praying that God would act upon her considerations.

For over a yr, I repeatedly noticed what appeared to be solutions to her prayers. I watched her life by way of a myriad of circumstances, and her religion in God was unwavering.

So, I needed to consider in God on one hand, as a result of I admired her life and her love for others. However, I could not consider in one thing in opposition to my mind, in opposition to my higher judgment. God didn’t exist. A pleasant thought, however, that was all. Wanting one thing to be true, would not make it true.

Throughout this time I used to be growing a personally constructed philosophy about question God exists.

I attempted one thing that I am unsure many individuals do. Each few weeks, I’d research a selected thinker’s tackle life …Nietzsche, Hume, Dostoevsky, Sartre, Plato, and many others. after which attempt to apply it to my very own life. I used to be searching for the proper, workable philosophy for all times. I discovered again and again, that both their philosophies appeared missing, or have been too impractical to implement. However, I saved looking.

I used to be difficult my good friend with each query that got here to thoughts about God. I’d discover myself writing out questions late within the night. This went on for effectively over a yr. Sooner or later she handed me an e-book that briefly answered questions like, is there a God; is Jesus God; what concerning the Bible. It offered info. No feedback like, “you need to consider.”

I noticed some proof for God that was solidly logical. The components notably convincing to me have been the chemical properties of water and the earth’s place to the solar.

It was all too completely designed, too completely put collectively. My religion in “nothing behind all of it” appeared weaker than the potential of God. I had fewer cases to make certain of nothing, and extra causes to conclude that God is perhaps there.

I then encountered a scenario that absolutely challenged my present philosophy on life. What I had been placing my religion in proved to be fully inadequate. It shocked me to see that I used to be at a loss for a lifestyle that was absolutely dependable. Nonetheless, the scenario resolved itself and I moved forward. I have a fairly regular character. All through my life, I by no means actually felt “needy.” No on-going disaster. No massive gaps or struggles. And definitely nothing I felt responsible about.

However the idea of God was one thing I could not get off my thoughts….

was he there? does god exists? perhaps there is a God…..

One night time I used to be speaking to my good friend once more, and she or he knew I had all the data I wanted. She knew that I had run out of inquiries to ask.

But I used to be nonetheless attempting to debate. In a single clear, abrupt second, my good friend turned to me and stated, “You understand, I am unable to make this choice for you, and God’s not going to attend ceaselessly.”

And I instantly knew she was proper. I used to be taking part in round with an important choice. So I went residence and determined that I used to be going to resolve.

I used to be going to both ask God to come back into my life, or I used to be going to finish the topic ceaselessly and by no means enable myself to contemplate the potential of God once more. I used to be uninterested in coping with this choice. I used to be uninterested in serious about it.

So, for the subsequent three or 4 hours, I reviewed all the things I had learn and noticed. I evaluated all of it.

I concluded that the proof for God was so robust that it made extra sense to consider in God than to consider he wasn’t there.

Then I needed to act on that conclusion.

I knew that simply intellectually concluding God existed, was means too mild. It might be like deciding…airplanes exist. Religion in an airplane means nothing. Nonetheless, if it’s worthwhile to get someplace and an airplane is a way in which, you need to resolve to behave and truly get on the airplane.

I wanted to make the choice to really discuss to God. I wanted to ask him to come back into my life.

After just a few hours of thought, I addressed God, “Okay you win. I ask you to come back into my life, and chances are you’ll do with it no matter you want.” (It appeared cheap to me, that since God exists, God had each proper to affect and direct my life, if he needed to.)

I went to the mattress and the subsequent morning questioned if God was nonetheless there. And truthfully, I form of “sensed” that he was. One factor I knew for positive. I instantly had an enormous need to get to know this God whom I now believed in.

I needed to learn the Bible. Once I did, it appeared that God was spelling out who he’s and the way he considered this relationship with him.

It was wonderful. What actually stunned me is how usually he talked about his love. I hadn’t anticipated that. In my thoughts, I used to be merely acknowledging God’s existence. I had no expectations of him, however as I learn the Bible, he selected to speak his like to me. That was a shock.

Now, my fundamental, skeptical nature was nonetheless there. The primary few months or yr, I’d ask myself, “Am I actually believing in God? And, why am I?” And I’d methodically assessment 5 goals the reason why I believed God existed. So my “religion” in God didn’t relaxation on emotions, however on info, on causes.

To me, it is like the inspiration of a constructing. The info/causes assist my religion. It is like somebody driving throughout the Golden Gate Bridge. They will really feel no matter they’d like concerning the bridge.

However, it’s the development/design/supplies of the bridge itself that enables them to securely get from one finish to the opposite. In the identical means, the target actuality of God–the logical, historic, scientific causes to consider in his existence, are necessary to me. There are individuals who do not appear to want that.

However I hate being fooled, and I’ve little regard for wishful considering. The substantiating causes for God’s existence mattered to me.

My Expertise, Half 2 – Additional Proof of God Exists



Since that point, now that I have been a Christian for numerous years—-why do I now consider in God? What causes do I’ve for persevering with to consider in God?

I am unsure any of those are going to be plausible to you. However, I will attempt to put that concern apart and be candid with you. Beforehand my questions have been about God’s existence. After starting a relationship with God, I noticed further proof that God is actual. Equivalent to…

1) When I’ve questions, considerations, or would really like perception on a matter, God speaks to me by way of the Bible.What he exhibits me is at all times completely suited to my query, and a greater, extra satisfying reply than I anticipated. This is an instance.

Sooner or later, my schedule, deadlines, and obligations have been crawling up my neck and tightening their maintain. You understand that feeling if you’re so overwhelmed, you do not know what to do first?

So I acquired out a bit of paper and pen, and requested God: “Simply inform me what you need me to do, and I will do it.” I used to be absolutely ready for shouldering 100% accountability and was principally asking God to only set the priorities, inform me methods to method all of it, and I’d.

I then opened my Bible and instantly learn the place Jesus was speaking with a person who was blind. Jesus was asking him, “What would you like me to do for you?”

I learn it once more. Jesus requested: “What would you like me to do for you?” Quite amazed, I picked up my pen and started writing a wholly completely different checklist…to God. This, I’ve discovered, is an attribute of God. Reminding us that he’s there. That he cares, and he is successful.

I select that instance as a result of it is transient. However I may cite a whole lot of examples the place I used to be asking God a query and he completely, totally answered me. It in all probability is the attribute of God that I most admire and value–that he’s prepared to reply my questions.

This is not one thing I discovered from different Christians. It is simply how my relationship with God operates. I ask a query, with a perspective that I actually need to give him the freedom to inform me no matter he desires to….to appropriate my considering, to level out space in my life that is not proper, to point out me the place I am not trusting him, no matter. And he at all times graciously speaks to me.

2) Equally, after I want a route for a call, he offers it.I consider that God cares about our selections. I consider he has a plan for our lives, that he cares about who I marry, what sort of job I’ve, and a few selections smaller than that. I do not consider he cares what toothpaste I purchase, or a lot of mundane selections. However, selections that can have an effect on my life or what he desires to perform by way of my life…I feel he cares.

When has God given me clear route?



One time I wanted to resolve a couple of Journey to the Center East. There was danger concerned, and I used to be prepared to go provided that God needed me to go. It was necessary to me that I knew what he needed.

Two completely different instances I requested God a couple of jobs. Each instances his main on it was so clear, that anybody watching would have concluded the identical. Let me attempt one skinny slice of an instance.

Throughout my senior yr of faculty, I had determined to take a job with a Christian group after commencement, that might require a transfer to California.

It was Christmas break, and I used to be now visiting my mother and father. One night, I used to be alone and considering by way of an extended checklist of mates.

I used to be questioning who I may discuss into shifting to California with me to be roommates. One individual named Christy got here to thoughts, who had already graduated and settled in a job in Iowa.

I assumed she’d be the proper roommate, however, I hadn’t talked to her in a number of months. Simply 30 minutes later, at my mother and father residence, Christy calls me on the telephone.

Her first sentence was, “I heard you’re taking a job with this Christian group.” I used to be floored as a result of I had solely instructed one good friend, in Ohio.

Her subsequent assertion was, “Okay, I’ve acquired the pots and pans and dishes.” I stated, “WHAT?!” She was shifting to the identical city in California and was calling to see if I’d room along with her.

Okay, so that you see my level.

You would possibly ask, why such a giant deal, to even want God’s assist on this choice? I knew that my mother and father could be fully against this job. I assumed it may cost me my relationship with my mother and father ceaselessly. So it was not a light-weight choice. I requested God to information me towards what he needed. And he did. There have been about ten different occasions associated with this job, simply as clear.

Different causes I nonetheless consider in God…

3) By way of explanations about life–why we’re right here, what the aim is, what’s necessary for life, what to worth or attempt for–God has higher solutions than something I’ve ever learn wherever.

I’ve studied a number of philosophies and religions and different life approaches. What I learn from the Bible, what I see from God’s perspective, all of the items of the puzzle match.

There’s nonetheless lots I will learn within the Bible and shut the Bible says, “I do not get it.” So I do not imply to counsel I absolutely perceive all the things within the Bible. As an alternative, I am saying that life solely is smart from the angle of what God has revealed.

It is like studying the working handbook to life on earth, solely we aren’t left to merely observe the handbook. The inventor is explaining to us the way it all works, after which affords to personally information us by way of it, each day.

4) The intimacy with God is deeper than intimacy with any human being.I say that married, with two kids, and tons of very shut mates. His love is ideal. He is extremely gracious. He takes me proper the place I am at, and as I stated, speaks to me. He intervenes with actions that go away me amazed because of the observer. He isn’t a perception or doctrine. I see him act in my life.

5)He has executed extra with my life than I’d have executed by myself.This isn’t an announcement of inferiority or lack of self-worth. I am talking when it comes to accomplishments that far exceeded what I ever had in thoughts. He supplies concepts, route, options, knowledge, and higher motives than I may aspire to by myself.

Properly, there may be extra, however, I feel that offers you sufficient. I am unsure any of it’s plausible to you, however, I have been as sincere as I understand how to be.

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