Where Is God??? – How Do I Find God???


Where is God? Individuals say, “present me, God.” But when God is invisible, how can he present himself?

where is god

Think about there are two individuals on a flat piece of paper. These individuals are two-dimensional, having peak and width, however, no depth; the paper is the extent of their world. Can they see you? No. So the question remains the same, Where is God?

They’ll see solely what’s on the paper (of their world). They haven’t any depth notion. Now faux you utilize your finger to the touch the paper. Now can they see you? They can’t see all of you, however, they will see the tip of your finger, the half that has entered their world.

Is God Hidden? Where Is God???

That’s an analogy of our state of affairs with God. God exists exterior our dimensions. God can exist exterior of time and area as we all know it.

Due to this fact, it’s tough to “see” Him. We’re just like the flat individuals on the two-dimensional paper.

We will not see what’s in a 3rd dimension. However, in this case, we exist in 4 dimensions (peak, width, depth, time), and God exists past that.

So how are we to know such a Being? Simply because the “flat individuals” on the paper couldn’t find out about you except you touched the paper, we can not detect God except he reveals himself.

He should “contact the paper” of our world. God has to step down in dimensions.

The Invisible God Revealed

As we examine human historical past, particularly spiritual historical past, do we discover any cases the place God “touched the paper” of our world?

Contemplate that God’s “finger” has touched our world in an individual often known as Jesus Christ. Jesus claimed to be God, stated that to see him was to see God, stated that he was the one one who had come straight from God to our world, and forgave individuals of their sins, which solely God can do.

Many different passages of the New Testimony affirm Jesus’ deity. He was God who “grew to become flesh and made his dwelling amongst us.” He’s the “picture of the invisible God.”

If we’re the “flat individuals” it is smart that the multi-dimensional Creator God entered our four-dimensional world by changing into a human being. He revealed himself to us. However, why would God try this?

Why He Got here

There’s a story advised of an outdated farmer who lived by himself in a cabin.

Subsequent to his cabin was a barn. One very chilly winter night time, birds started to crash into the home windows of his heat cabin, making an attempt to flee the lethal chilly.

So the outdated man went exterior and opened the barn door. It was heat contained in the barn. He waved his arms and shouted on the birds to enter the barn, into security.

However, they didn’t perceive him.

It was then that the outdated man wished that he may turn into one among them. If he may turn into a cook, then he may lead the opposite birds into the barn, to keep away from dying.

And at that second the outdated farmer understood why Jesus had come. Although the outdated man couldn’t turn into a chook, God may turn into a person. So he did.

“For God so liked the world that he dispatched his one and solely Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, however, have everlasting life.”

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