Who Created God Where Did God Come From?

Who Created God? An unanswered question from millions of years…

If anything comes into being, it should have been prompted by one thing else. A book has a creator. Music has a music artist. A celebration has a party-thrower!

All issues that start, which have a begin, have a trigger to their starting. So who is behind of God? Who created God???

Who created god


Take into account the universe. Scientists as soon as held to the “steady-state” concept, that the universe has at all times existed without starting.

Cosmological proof now refers back to the “Massive bang” because of the cut-off date that the universe got here into being. Our space-time-matter-energy universe had a definite and singular starting.

Because it didn’t at all times exist, however, got here into existence (had a singular starting), then another actuality should have brought on or created it.

Everything has start and end as well…But do God have end??? Who created god as no one knows the answer???

All the pieces we observe in nature has a starting. He nevertheless is in a unique class, and have to be so. God is totally different from all nature and humanity and all the pieces that exist, in that he has at all times existed, unbiased from something he created.

God isn’t a dependent being, however self-sufficient, self-existent. And that is precisely how the Bible describes God and the way God has revealed himself to be. Why should God be this manner?

Our universe can’t be defined some other means. It couldn’t have created itself. It has not at all times existed. And it couldn’t be created by one thing that itself is created. Why not?

It is not coherent to argue that the universe was created by God, however, God was in flip created by God to the second energy, who was in flip created by God to the third energy, and so forth.

As Aristotle cogently argued, there has to be an actuality that causes, however, is itself uncaused (or, a being that strikes, however, is itself unmoved). Why? As a result of if there’s an infinite regression of causes, then by definition the entire course of may by no means start.

Before You Search For Answer Of Who Created God, First Think Where Is God??? – How Do I Find God???

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